What Spydie do you have on the way???

Feb 25, 2009
Just received the Knifeworks green Military and have a GB on the way too. Never cared much for liner locks but I think I'm starting to warm up to them.
Nov 25, 2006
Broke down and ordered a 204 Mili. I keep trying to cut back, but its no use. Recent purchases have been a leaf blade Lil Temp, Endura and Stretch in Hap 40. Three or four others recently purchased that I cannot think of. Screwed up and started fiddling around in the axe forum. I am up to around 35 heads - have about half of them re-hafted. Sorry Sal, some of your money has been going to vintage axes!
Feb 7, 2016
I have to hold off on purchases for a few months :grey:.... Got to get my 500+ RWHP (should be over 600+ on racegas) Ford lightning Supercharged V8 motor going again... $1k in parts show up today! :)

Nothing like scaring 5.0 moostangs owners :)

What's done to the lightning? Stage 3 motor fully built at 19 psi... stock is 8. Most of them say "F that, I'm not touching that truck" :)

I guess I'll just keep enjoying my S110V PM2 and my Raven2 for now.:cool:
Jan 10, 2016
Just ordered a Chaparral with CF scale.
Was deciding between this and the Native5 S110V in FRN, but finally opted for the Chap due to thinner blade as need a good slicer for my next knife.

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