what was your first knife?

Oct 24, 1998
The other day I was looking around the garage for something or other and I came across an old box.Inside I found the first pocketknife I ever owned.It is just a cheap barlow,the kind you used to buy for 25 cents at the hardware store.I just wondered If anyone else has their first knife,or remembers what their first knife was?

My first knife was a Buck 110. I still have the knie today but the blade is quite a bit smaller. I just got the auto conversion, I felt I had to have it. Boy is it a heavy knife! Someday when I have a son it will be his first knife too!
If I remember right my first knife was a Camillus folder, 3.5" blade wood handle with brass bolsters, and a brown sheath. If it's not, It's the one I remember. Good topic. Here's a thinker. What is your favorite knife at present or past? quality or function does not matter. Asthetics, or sentimental reasons a plus.

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My first knife was this heavy well made Buck knife. I got it when I joined the Coast Guard in 1980 since almost half the crew had one. It may even be the same knife Nick described. My biggest problem back then with it was that it got dull quite easily. I have always kept it and am surprised to this day how dang heavy it is. It will go to one of my boys someday.

Found it in the drawer today, it was a Buck 110, needed a good sharpening and some oil. It's a nice knife but somehow doesn't seem to fit in with all of the fancy knives we have nowadays

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The owner and president of Camillus was in my office the other day and I showed him the previous thread with the same title. He found it amazing that many peoples first knife was a Camillus. He also said that is partly why they created the Cuda line. He not only wanted to be the first knife people owned but he also wanted to have a knife they would still carry today!

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My first pocket knife was a Henckels whittler with tortoise scales. I got it from an old carpenter that I used to help after school. He dug in an old box in his workshop and offered it to me as reward for helping him. Unfortunately I lost it along the way. That's okay though because I'm ordering a new one (this thread got me reminiscing so I went web shopping


My first knife was a pocket knife, single blade with blue scales - a Boy Scout knife. The blade would have been in the 3" range...That's all I can really remember about it...

Heres to memories,

I'm not sure what my absolute first knife was, I think maybe a boy scout knife.

I do vividly remember the knife that turned me into a knife knut though. I bought it right around 1988, a Spyderco standard.

My first knife was a Glock.
(the first one Ive bought with my own little money...).
I was 12 year old.

I bought it because I like it.
15 years later I found out how famous it was.

My first knife was a Taiwanese survival knife with hollow handle with fishing hooks and matches and all kinds of neat "survival stuff" inside and a compass in the pommel. Boy, was I happy when I got it. I was maybe 6 or something like that. All of my friends had a survival knife back then and we called them "Rambo-knives" because we thought they looked like the knives Sylvester Stallone had in the movies. And for a little boy, the knife was MASSIVE. And mean-looking with its black blade and camo pattern on the metal handle. I still have it.
And when I wandered into the local knife shop for the first time in my life and saw that there actually IS a Rambo-knife, I just thought "This is going to be fun"

i used to get so many knives and loose them so fast i had more knives when i was younger than 13 than i do now.
i had schredes, kershaws, bucks, sone 4 inch long no name jack knife, and gerbers.
the best was this small schrade lockback with a rubber-like handle and the lockback key was covered so i had trouble closing it. the one that i have had the longest and only retirer last year was a gerber 400 clip point. i had that knife for 7 years and honed half of the blade away.

i replaced it witha CS clip point 3 inch voyager(serated) and now im spoiled by CS and BM.
Mine was a cheap 2.99 knife you get at Hardware stores. My second knife was an old Schrade knife which is abused and retired. My third knife was a Buck Protege (not the thumbstud one, the original one), my fourth was a Buck Mentor (and the bead blast coating is coming off), and my Gerber EZ-Out is my fifth knife. I'm still relatively young (in high school), and so I don't have all too much money to buy knives. In fact, I don't own any Benchmade knives, which is sad. Most of the knives I have are more economy class. I have seen and handled alot of Benchmade knives, but lack the money to actually get one

The first one that I owned was a nameless electricians knife that I found in my grandmothers basement. I've still got it, but the blades are very loose. The first knife I bought was a CRKT wrangler lockback, great knife, still gets lots of use even though I have a BM Stryker(and soon a sentinel)
My first knife was a Barlowe that my brother gave me when I was seven years old. He had just gotten the first Swiss Army that I had ever seen. My favorite fixed blade knife is a Randall # 6 Sportsman's Bowie with a 6 inch blade for which I paid the immense sum of $25.00 back in 1961. My parents were horrified! My favorite folder is my Terzuola/Spyderco Clipit of the original series that I bought in 1989 or 1990. I like it so much that I bought a Junior of the model that I carry in the city where the longer blade would be a problem. I am considering a Spderco Dyad, however. Any feedback this would be apppreciated.
I got my first knife when I was around 10-12,a SAK Tinker. I've still got it on my keychain. I bought a spyderco snapit with the serrated edge a couple of years ago and now I'm all about some knives. :>

My grandfather, who is no longer with us, gave me my first knife. He made it 1975, the year I was born. It is a "lapp-knife" puukko-style with reindeer horn/fur sheath and birch handle. The blade is laminated carbon steel. I never use it, it has its place on the wall.


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Mine was a Imperial 3 blade stockman if I remember correctly.I still have a Western Cutlery small hunter that I have had for around 40 years now.As a youngster I had so many knives that were either lost or misplaced to the follys of youth.Now I don't lose knives.Keys,Important papers,all sorts of stuff but thats ok cause I at least don't lose anymore knives LOL.

my first knives were no name pocket knives given to be my father who has sinece passed away. I still own (cherish) these knives. The first knife I purchased was
a K-54 followed by something called a "007",
one given away one lost. I only just became interested again in knives about 4 months ago slowly moving up the ladder (CS, Junglee, Spyderco and CRKT).