What would you like from Buck in 2007?

A 426 profile drop-point 110 and 112. :) And 119. And 120. ;)

I'm gonna have to mock up a drop-point 120 in Photoshop... :D
A 111 Classic with stainless liners/scales, instead of aluminum.

ohhhh....I like that thought. I REALLY like my 111 Classics. Would use the one I do use more often if I wasn't afraid of wearing it out over time.

Would like to see a tanto 110 BG-42. But, then I guess it wouldn't be a 110 :confused:

Or just a note if there is still BG-42 around...
196 mini alpha in the new STDM with the same Sambar Stag as on the Cabelas AG series.

An upgraded blade FACTORY option for every 100 series knife...
Much like these 2...

(the more I use the "new" steels the more I like them...
I still like the 420HC also but sometimes a little extra is nice ;)
On the stainless 111, look around! There have been several 110 Customs made with all satin stainless frames, with the same width/thickness as the 111. Also, Buck has experimented with this design so there are prototypes to be found as well.
How about a larger version of the folding 110 with a 5 inch blade.
...Not sure of the "larger" aspect of it but I'd like to see a "beefier" version of the 110 similar to the Kershaw 1050 or 1055 or the Hattori H-510 or H-515...It's the .187 thickness on the blade that attracts me...

I think stainless Damascus would be a nice custom shop option.Just dreaming here but I would like to see it in regular production also so I could get a Dorado with it and rosewood scales.:D
How about a 501 with micarta and a bg42 or s30v blade..... and if I am wishing, bring back the the old open top sheath as well.
A folder with a 154cm blade with an MSRP under $50. Something with Buck's best blade and all other costs minimized.

Made in Idaho.