What would you like to see Buck produce?

Feb 11, 2016
Out of curiosity what products would you most like to see Buck produce in the near future? We love hearing new ideas!

Copper & Clad

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A 3 5/8" closed, two blade, two spring, equal end jack. With the blades being a clip and a pen. Similar to the #68 pattern GEC makes.

I'd be very pleased.


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Like Joe, I want something to compete against GEC.

I want a reboot of the Ecolite 110/112 with the following changes:
- Larger, more robust bird's eye pivot pin and washer. Big enough to have Buck Ecolite stamped into it.
- Thinner handle. Drop it from 15mm to about 13mm, about the width of a Sodbuster but still a bit wider than the 500. This will make it more able to be pocket carried with no clip.
- Paperstone scales with full brass liners. No modern looking finger grooves. The simple unadulterated lines of the classic 110/112. The knife should be as beautiful as the classic 110/112.
- A brass lanyard hole. Like on the Schrade 6OT. It's beautiful and Buck needs a lanyard compatible traditional in the line up.
- A long horizontal pull. Or no pull or nick at all, like on the original 112s. Nail nicks on the 110/112 look awful IMO. Like shark eyes. Clips with long horizontal pulls look much better, IMO.
- An Opinel style thin convex grind. IMO, it's more versatile than the hollow grind. If this offends the Francophobe sensibilities of some (who probably haven't spent time with the Opinel) then a full flat grind would be OK.

In short, I want a lighter version of the 110/112 that I can more easily pocket carry, is more versatile (outside of hunting, particularly for wood working and food prep) and is just as beautiful as the original (which the Ecolite was not).
for me it would have to be a 3-blade stockman a bit larger than the 303, a bit smaller than the 301, say 3.5 inch. ah just right.
Selkirk made in USA with 154cm.

A 124 made with 3V and a more rounded/ergonomic handle.
100 series classics with white phenolic handles (instead of black) and dark gray titanium coated blades.
These would mimic the rare white melamine handles of the early 60's.

I would like to see the 300 series (301,303 305,309) offered with different colored sawcut valox scales, say a defferent color set every year, green, red, yellow, blue, camo, etc. Perhaps reproducing the Buckbrite colors, a different one each year. Prefer the classic square bolster to comfortcraft.

105 chipflint with buffalo horn handle to finish the series. Buck offered every knife in this series which ran from about 2006 to 2014 except the 105.

I would like to see a USA made canoe become a regular pattern in the USA slipjoint line. The size of the ChinaBuck 389 is a good size. The 308 pattern is too small.
A 124 in 5160 steel. Leave micarta handle the same. Please
A 110 and 112 with nickel bolsters, drop point blade in ATS34 and burgundy micarta scales, no rivets. They could throw in a matching 500 as well and call it a trio. Also a re-issue of the Empress Trio again in burgundy micarta but with S30v or S35vn steel. Lastly a Nighthawk 650, fully serrated I mean fully, from tip to guard) with the gray colored blade but without the Tops blade cut outs.
I'd like to see a 113 with Nickel silver bolster's, multiple scale option's. Perhaps this option could be added to the Custom Shop offerings!

Camp/Scout knife based on the Camillus 1760 "Demo" knife.
Color case hardened handle, blued or browned blades and springs, brass or bronze pins and bail.

I know it will never happen, I doubt it would be a big seller.
Buck 722 Spitfire with a black S30V blade, G10 handles and a black deep carry pocket clip.
I love the special runs made in 5160 and BG42 (drop point). I would love more 110 model steel versions . O-1, 3V, etc. These would be users and very nice ones too. I like O-1 better than 1095, for instance.

Another run of buck strider knives , maybe with G-10 handle scales.

Ooow, I like that idea. I've got an 880SP and it's a tank but I don't have one of the other collabs, the one that looks like the current Strider offerings. Another run of those or both would be nice. Which version/model were you thinking about?