What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

You are the table.
Okay so I realize my last comment is pretty obscure. There was a meme I saw where James Hetfield is made to look like a table, because of a really out there experimental song from an album they did with Lou Reed. In this song, apparently, Hetfield sings the lyric "I am the table" multiple times. And then I found a song written by AI meant to emulate the style of Metallica, in which there is a lyric "I am the sun, I'm insane". My comment is just a weird reference to those.

There are enough hickory, tigerwood, zebrawood, bocote, and black palm scales to do each Hudson Bay knife. There is also a limited supply bloodwood, and orangeheart which is sized appropriately for them.

I also got the geometry established and a good amount of the satin finishing done on two more MagnaCut blanks, designed and ordered by Good Knife Co., a Michigan Utility Knife and a Bushcamp.

Postimages is down at the moment so I will show you later.