What's in your kitchen?

Just wondering. Are you as picky about what's in your kitchen as you might be about what's in your pocket?

I've been using a Cold Steel K5 kitchen knife almost exclusively since I moved house recently, and love it. Might have to get the 7" version too. I especially like the handle grip.

I also started using the CS Bushman since seeing it recommended for kitchen use in a thread here. Other knives are a small Opinel for garlic etc.; a Finish utility knife that I rarely use for food; and a straight razor for slashing at packaging (I got 7 razors and an old strop from the market for $23 recently, about half of which are not suitable for shaving any more).

What do you use? Just imagining Jim March with his Outsider, or Chiro using his Khukuri (when he's not busy chasing the dog with it, that is)

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A wide variety of typical "kitchen" cutlery...the only examples of note being a couple old hickorys and CS K5 and K7.
Man! I don't have any regular kitchen knives. I always have my Sebenza clipped to an article of clothing or dangling on a homemade neck sheath. I use either my Sebenza or Battle Mistress for kitchen work. Talk about overkill with the BM!

My wife and I do our kitchen chores just fine with a butcher knife, boning knife, paring knife, and cleaver from Old Hickory (Ontario) in 1095 carbon steel. These traditional blades sharpen easily to a razor edge, stay in good shape with a few swipes on a steel, and have gobs more "character" than all those expensive shiny things we've seen in the kitchen store at the mall.

Also, to my wife, they go with our cast iron skillets, enamel pots, copper tea kettle, and maple butcher block much better.

Oh, one more thing. These knives are cheaper than dirt and last forever. Just keep a little corn oil on them and store them properly. (One's been in the family 40 years and is going strong.)

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I use an assortment of Chicago cutlery and a Wenger Chef knife. A ChefsChoice diamond wheel sharpener keeps them all sharp with a minimum of effort.
Grnamin and I must be kindred spirits or something!
The wife and I primarily use the Sebenza for smaller tasks, and an Al Mar SOF Bowie for the larger tasks.
I have a fridge with a leaky icemaker, and every week I have to remove a big chunk of ice from the freezer. For that job, I use an M-5 bayonet (The old gas-plug version for the Garand)
On the rare occassions that we have company for dinner, many an eyebrow is raised when I get to slicin'!
Oh, and I also use a Spyderco Police Model for Italian Bread and Bagels.
heh heh....
By the way, what's a kitchen knife?

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
I have some from a maker in Columbus OH named James Cottrill. They are pretty nice though I am unsure of the steel.

Think I may bave to get some Spyderco for the kitchen.

So which maker is going to come out with a full kitchen cutlery set in Talonite ?

Probably Rob Simonich...

Clay Fleischer
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Clay; right on!! Here is the update on the Talonite (r)chef's knife project:

The large knife (17" OAL, 10" blade) has had the design finalized in one style, the Blinoff style. As you may recall, Nick Blinoff and Michael Gettier ('Chefget') are collaborating with Rob Simonich to design the perfect chef's knife. Well, actually knives, as Mike prefers a knife slightly narrower (from spine to edge in the choil region). Thus, Rob made up a prototype in the Blinoff style, and sent it to Nick, who sent it on to Michael. After each had evaluated it at length, they suggested some minor tweaks to Rob, who will incorporate them in the production knives.

Rob is now grinding a medium chef's knife in the Gettier style, and will send it to Mike and Nick for evaluation and critique. Thus, the design for both styles of knives in two sizes should soon be completed.

Kit Carson is making up some prototypes of paring knives to round out the set.

A complete set of Talonite (r) chef's knives should be available in the not so distant future. My daughters have indicated that their kitchens would be the ideal place for the first production sets. They called it something like 'beta testing.' I am not sure what this means, but it is nice to have kids that are so cooperative and helpful in making sure that their daddy does things right.

Contact Rob or me for further information if you are interested. Walt
We have a set of Ontario's "Old Hickory's", mostly for me since I am the only one who will sharpen and appreciate them, and a set of (dare I say it!) GINSU's ! She loves them and I have to admit, they do work great.
For my self I use Chicago Cutlery,been using them for years,never any problems.For my wife a set of Forschner by Victorinox she puts everything in the dishwasher,kind of hard on my wood handled c.c
Tony Paulos

We use the Victorinox with the Fibrox handles and the "NSF" seal on the blade. They are easy to use, sharpen, and stay sharp for an OK time. The "NSF" seal means that they have been tested and approved for resturant use. It also means that they can take the heat and chemicals in commercial dishwashers with little trouble. The blades are a little lighter than other knives but for someone with corpral tunnel (sp)it makes a difference. They also make a line of pairing-type knives that are inexpensive enough that if one breaks, so what.

I was at the Ontario Factory today! and they were still making Old Hickory knives . . . by the truck load. Kallisti, your address looks like England.

Hope you can find a supplier.

Good basic knives.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
Hey Walt -- I don't see any mention of the Talonite kitchen knives on Rob Simonich's site... but you said they'll be available in the not too distant future?!

(Also, btw, who's paying for the "beta testing" knives... your daughters? Didn't think so!)

Gala, Costas: I use a few different sizes of the Victorinox paring and utility knives with the cheapo plastic(?) handles. They are very thin and easy to sharpen. I use them as steak knives, bagel slicers and fruit peelers.

As for the rest, I use a Spyderco Santoku exclusively, an old Spyderco 7" utility and my heavy Chinese made cleaver for chopping.


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Uncle Bill -

Thanks for the info. I shall search more thoroughly for them on the 'net. I buy all my knives from the states tho', as it's so much more cost effective. Get a bit frantic waiting for them to arrive sometimes, but it's all part of the fun.



Daughters doing Beta Testing? Sounds like a set-up! I would be happy to do a little "testing" myself, if you twisted my arm a little. OK, OK thats enough twisting.

Really though I would be interisted in more info.