What's in YOUR pocket???

Jun 21, 2000
In light (spite) of all the membership threads gong on in this forum, how about something that pertains to knives?
What's in your pocket, now, as you read this post? Right now I have only my CRK small Sebenza. I wil probably add more as the day goes on.

I do have a small plain sebenza clipped to the front of my shirt, though. :)
Spyderco Military, IWB
Fällkniven G1, around my neck
Microtech SOCOM Elite, on the desk
Spyderco Ladybug, attached at my key ring

Right now I'm carrying my Farid T-1000 and my D.C. Munroe Chimera.


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Just a Spydie Native, IWB, but I'm hoping the USPS will let me put a BM 710HS in there tonight :)
I actually have no knives in my pocket at this moment(I know, BLASPHEMY!) However, I have a CQC7 on the desk right next to the mousepad and a spyderco ladybug in my left hand, trying to get my left hand working in that tiny spydie hole. In fact, it just shot out of my hand onto the floor. LOL
Spyderco Stainless Endura in my front pocket,and
a Columbia River M16LE in my back pocket.
BM 770 plain satin blade and a SwissTech small tool on my key chain.

Got the 770 to carry when wearing a suit and so far it is perfect!

I've got a large Sebenza clipped to my right front pocket, and a Buck Cadet sitting in my left front pocket. You just can't get much better than that.
Today, a Camillus 154CM EDC clipped to my right pocket, a Meyerco Buddy System around my neck and a Sebertech M4 in my left pocket. Hmm, what do I wear tomorrow?
REKAT Sifu stone washed...right front pocket.

In about 45 minutes while at work Emerson Commander
Large RH serrated Sebenza, just finished cutting up a fruit salad with it, rinsed it off and clipped it back onto my pocket.

On the way out the door, I'll grab my keys with a tiny SAK on the split ring.

I've been taking my new SWAT balisong along lately, too.