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Feb 9, 1999
What will your next knife purchase be? Have you been eyeing something lately? What do you see in the near future?..AND why
would be interesting too...Or will you have an impulse???
I have 2 Sebenzas coming. One large wood inlay and a small decorated one. I eyed them for about 3 weeks before giving in. The problem is going be deciding which one to carry!
Bart, I have a Small Decorated Sebenza on the way that has the same design scheme as the large one I have.

I am going to buy probably all the following in the next few months...

Benchmade DarkStar, Large
Another Benchmade Spike, Large
Kershaw G-10 Talon
CRKT Carson M16 (the slim one)
Reeve Project 1

That's really it so far, it may change, I might get rid of the Project 1 for like a few less expensive fixed bades.

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I think the better question would be "what HAVEN'T you been eyeing?"! Seriously, though, besides the usual lust for the usual knives, I have really been looking at getting a REKAT Pioneer with a Swept Point. I have also has an unusually strong craving to get a nice, classy traditional pocketknife since I am in clinic attire more often these days and a clip for a tactical folder certainly doesn't fit the bill!
Mainly my eyes have been focused at the new Trapper by Case with Micarta handles, although after perusing Ebay I am looking seriously at the Congress patterns from Case with Apaloosa bone or the same from Hen & Rooster. Good stuff. If anyone has a classy pocketknife and wants to trade for some custom made Kydex/Concealex sheaths, just email me!

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Probably a Spyderco Endura.

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I'm almost definate to get the James bros. D-B! Saw it in Bladeauction but can't affort the proto type price, I'll just have to wait for the production piece!

There is still a company or two who make a version of an old Physician's knife, might be fust the thing for you.

For my part, who knows. Maybe a Sebenza or a Synergy
I`m going to try and hold off on too many new purchases. It just killed me to not be able to go to Blade this last time and i`d like to save up some money so I can make it to the next one.

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Since I have all the utility knives I can possibly use and no intersest in the so called tactical stuff, I am simply looking to add more Blackjacks or a nice custom by the late G.W. Stone to my collection.

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I just ordered 2 REKAT SIFUs, leftie and rightie.... Heard I was able to get the rightie serial numbered: 69, so I couldn't pass it up.

I also have my eye on the James Bros OTF prototype, but I have to bid on that..... I have my fingers crossed!

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My next knife will probably be a Decorated Small Sebenza. Not expecting to get it for a while though, still haven't decided on a decoration and funds are kind of short. Other than that maybe a Pinnacle or mini-axis.

Mine's already ordered. I just need to wait for a while. It's a 3 1/4" Elishewitz Ares with stainless damascus blade, Mokume bolsters and jigged bone scales. Assuming the stainless damascus performs well, this will be a carry knife. Take care.

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I need to buy a spydero Civilian next. Which will be my purely defense knife.

Plain Axis or Kershaw whirlwind. It depends which one will be on "For sale" forum first.

PS: Aren't you selling one, guys???

PS2: I forgot to mention Spyderco kitchen knives with non-serrated blades...

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well, i just got the Emerson Lagriffe (love it). i think i'd be interested in a REKAT lock on something, just don't know what i'd like. i guess the hobbit would be nice if i ever saw one for sale. i'm still waiting on that damn kukri that Cutlery Shoppe is getting me third party from Cold Steel. i can't believe i originally bought my kukri back in march (or was it april?), but at least Cutlery Shoppe might come through. i'm going to call them today to see where this is going. until i get that, i'm holding off on anything. well, except of course, for buying that lagriffe. couldn't resist. hey, thanks to all who responded to my post on what to use for the blades - think i'll go with the tuf-cloth.
I am probably going for the Kershaw 1500 Mini Task, but I am not sure at all...Anybody know if their Ats34 is as hard and brittle as some Benchmades are said to be?
Another piece I have been considering is Emersons new CQC7 with the plain drop point blade.

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