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What's the catch!!!!

It looks like a fake to me, I am no expert on Extreme Ration but I have never seen a model with that particular handle material or with that seath. But like I said I dont know much about em.
0 bids, you don't know what the reserve is ... what are you getting exciting about? A low starting bid? :confused:

I'm not an Extreme Ratio expert but I'll a step farther and say it IS a fake. This web site has all the fixed blade Fulcrums. None look like the one on Ebay. They arent' even close. http://www.exxcess.info/
If you read through the listing, you will see a reference to "translation". The original sale may not even have been to English-speakers, or anyone else in the wide world who would know it was fake.
I was really into Extrema Ration knives for a while, and it is a fake. The handle is wrong, the sheath is wrong, the pins are wrong, the buckle is wrong. everything is wrong.
I will report it to ebay.
I have an original one:the blade tip,coating,grip,gripmaterial are not correct.Sheath is not the normal one.It comes from China.Here in Europe you have to pay at least 300$.It's cheap crap but beware now they are making good imitations
so that you can not discover it on a picture.Just Chinese junk In the text they DO NOT mention Extreme ratio.
If the seller is unreliable, he can simply show you a photo of a real ER and send you the cheap imitation.
This picture shows a knife labeled as an Extrema Ratio product -- when it is not.

Doubtless just a translation error. :rolleyes:
is a cheap fake one for sure that seath look like s... and the handle to also the blade look thinner:thumbdn: you get what you pay for
Thomas hit it right on the nose in his post. Look closely at the blade and you will see that it reads Extrema Ratio not Extreme Ratio. Definitely, 100% without a doubt a fake. Plus look where it is being sold from.
Shipping from China?????

Smells like a duck................

They are also selling Benchmade counterfeits!!!