What's the most bizarre reaction you've gotten to your knives?

Jan 22, 2001
What is the most bizarre reaction you've gotten to your knives? I'm planning on getting a CRKT M16, and I was playing with it at the knife store (before I had enough money to actually buy it) and some guy came in. He passed me and I happened to flick out the blade right at his back, and he turned around and I'd almost pay money to see the look on his face again! All he said was, "Nice.", but in a sort of startled tone of voice.

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That's a lot of knives what are you going to do with them?


Why do you carry a knife?

I just shake my head and walk away.
1. Wow, do you just grind it out of that piece of steel? (Blonde)

2. Why is it so sharp?

3. What do you do with that!?

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For the Word of God is...sharper than any two edged sword.
What do you need a knife like that for?
Why do you need such a big knife?
Jim Bowie would be proud.

On my large Sebbie

"That's a big box cutter, looks more like a ****** cutter to me" (by the way my reaction was along the lines of
cause he really caught me off guard with that one)

comment by an black guy I'm good friends with at work
-"damn that's big"
-a girl jumped about 10 feet backwards when i pulled out my Spyderco Dragonfly to cut open some tennis strings at work. good thing she didn't see my Microtech SOCOM Elite in my pocket.
-"you don't cut yourself do you? counselors can help if you do"

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1) "If you were angry at me, would you stab me?"

2) (to the REKAT Carnie in my pocket)

"Is that a new beeper?"

3) "Why do you need to keep it so sharp?"

And, here's the best one--said by some dope walking by as I was cutting some cord with a Delica while wearing black leather gloves:

4) "Hey, O.J.!"


Why is the world so full of MORONS?


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Those replys crack me up. I have never got any strange reactions from flipping open a knife as most everyone in town carries one. Ah, the joys of living in a small town.
The people that amuse and frustrate me at the same time are those who say, " that's not legal is it?", when you explain the folder law (in Calif.) to them they still don't want to believe it. One woman I used to work with upon seeing me open a serrated Delica, "OH!, now THAT'S a Rambo knife!"

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The most bizarre rezction was about a week after I opened the store. A guy (approximately 20 years old) looked at the wall of swords, at the only customer in the place (one of the local gothic crowd) and asked if I enjoyed selling to the devients of society. I said why yes I suppose I did... I also enjoyed selling pocket knives to his father and kitchen cutlery to his grandmother. The guy walked out in a huff:p
(As I'm cutting some twine with my Delica) "Hey, is that a knife?"

One of the best reactions i got was last summer when I was having a terrible time with people driving their 4 wheelers all over my front yard and tearing up my grass. I'd ask 'em to stop and they'd ignore me, so I got ticked and took ALL my blades (katana, tanto, 2 machetes, the spyderco, the bayonet, 2 kama, a scythe, a Ka-Bar, and a wonderfully large butcher knife, dressed all in black, tied a black rag on my head, and sat out on the front porch sharpening all these things (except of course the katana) and doing my best to look insane. They sped off and haven't driven in my yard since ;)

My best ever was "Remind me not to pi$$ you off." Good idea anyway, but I suppose the 19" khukuri I was wearing at the time reinforced the idea.
Scene: A group of people struggle to cut off those wristband things (like amusement parks use) at a race (they served as pit passes, but we were given the wrong color, so we were asked to remove them). They are using dull 'safety scissors' (like you would give a 5-year-old). I take out my BM705 (2.95" blade), and open it using two hands (I usually flick it open.... luckily, I didn't). I cut my wristband off, and offer the knife, handle-first, to anyone else who wants to cut theirs off. Before I get a chance to even finish my offer, one of the group tosses his hands halfway in the air (near neck-height), and says "why are you carrying such a huge knife?!" (remember, this is a sub-3" blade) Since I did everything I possible could have to make it non-threatening, I just answered (in a very flat tone) "you really don't want to see what's in my other pocket." (it was only a BM730, but I figured if a 3" drop-point is a huge knife, a 3.65" spearpoint would probably give this guy an anurism)

Boy, was that guy lucky I didn't have my Nimravus on me.... (of course, the handle peeking out from my waistband would probably have been enough to make him run away in terror, before I even met him)


Of course, then you always have the highly intelligent people who know the knife laws in their own state, then visit yours, and tell you how illegal your knife is. Telling them that "the laws are different, here" seems to have no effect.


And then there's the ever-present "why do you need to carry two knives?!" I've taken to just answering "I'm not carrying two knives - I'm carrying four" and watching an alarmed human-shaped-sheep realise that the pouch on my belt isn't a cell phone, and then realise that that still only accounts for three of four (I love having a neck knife).


Ahhh, the joys of living in God's country, the South that is. Who here doesn't carry a knife?
Brasso, what part of Alabama are you from??? The people up here in the northern part of the state are more likely to run and hide at the sight of a knife than to discuss what they are carrying that day. In fact, I know of very few people who carry anything bigger than a Leatherman Micra.
I carry knives to work everyday, someone wanted to look at one of em,and i let him see it.
then he started to lecture me on the laws- "the limit is six inches.." and another put the blade against the palm of his hand "oh,this one is illegal,because its longer than my hand is wide.."
morons,the law in arkansas is 3.6 in.
i hate (stupid/ignorant/democratic)people.