Whats your Birthsign???

Mar 19, 1999
I'm a capricorn, born jan.5, and you people, i thought this is a very original subject.
I was born in October, making me a Libra, which blows the idea of horiscopes out of the water.

Libra's are supposed to be balanced, I'm about as unstable as it gets. In the personality sense. Not in the sanity sense. I feel no need to go around saying I'm nuts.

Anyway, I'm abrasive at best, a real a$$hole at worst, I'm fickle about a lot of things, and very passionate.

Hey, wait a minute!! "What's your sign?" You're not trying to pick me up are you?
Hey Snickersnee, you'll get a kick out of this one I'm a Taurus THE BULL!! Sometimes, well alot of times, more full of bull than some people can handle. Also an A$$ Hole extrodinare.
You sell yourself short snick, you know yourself to be an a hole and slightly "bent"so theres your harmony! I figure if ya know yourself good or bad what the hey!

Sagittarius The Hunter... born on Dec. 3.

Any other Sagittarian here? And no pick-ups, please...

Meeeeee....I'm a Sagittarius too. Dec. 2nd. -AR

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Scorpio.... Couldn't you guess?

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Another Scorpio here, Baaabeeee! Does that make you horny? Well, does it?

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Cancer(June 23) on the cusp of Gemini. Couple that with a slight case of Adult ADD and now I know why I can never make up my mind on what knife I want next!
Taurus the bull, born on May 6. It's true, too...I can be stubborn and sometimes a bad-tempered @$$hole, but I'm usually very agreeable and am trying to change some of the "bullish" qualities.

Dec 13,
Hey DannyC pretty close....

God bless!

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I'm a full-fledged Taurus, and I even have the tattoo to prove it! (my younger days..

As other Taurians have mentioned, I too, am an a$$hole.

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."