Whats your Birthsign???

I'm a Liberia, September 28th. My wife is a Gemini, June,14th - Flag Day, she still thinks they put out the flags for her.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Oh I forgot my daughter is a Pisces, March 20th - usually the first day of spring, she thinks that's for her too.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Gemini. Only three people outside of my family know the exact day(and I am keeping it that way). I don't know about any attributes of the Gemini, but I, like the taurians, am an A**hole.

But doom'd and devoted by vassal and lord.
MacGregor has still both his heart and his sword!
-MacGregor's Gathering, Sir Walter Scott
I'm a gemini, June 10th (not the only gemini out there, I see). I'm an a$$hole, too, but am also one known to do a great many good deeds. That goes w/ the gemini personality of being a dichotomy. By the Chinese horoscope, I'm a Fire Snake (1997+Gemini sign), which makes me an intense, prone to arrogance (but rightfully so), easily spoiled individual. Read that any way you want (in other words, "a$$hole").
Another Sagittarius (Dec 5), which I guess is appropriate, since people are always telling me I act like a horse's ass...
Another Pisces here. We are the greatest lovers! Of knifes and beautiful woman!

Seems like we got alot of bull(s)up there!

The only one with a built in blade and 2 multitools...

November 7, 1971....still young in my own eyes...


I'm a Libra, Born on September 29th.

Well balanced? I am and I'm not.


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Im a Gemini, June 3. I was born in '81 making me a Cock in the chinese horoscope , Say thrawn, what does that make me. Ive never seen a reference to "fire snake" before.
Libra, constantly striving for balance.

So not only do I hit hard and be ambi in deploying tools, I can do it w/ either hand, without falling backward.

Blah, blah, blah.
Another capricorn here- Dec. 22. Oh, and yes, I must say this is a very original topic.
In the Chinese system I am the Tiger, in the western system I'm the Lion. Neat symbols but nothing I take too seriously.
SAGI. man! Tiger in the chinese cal. THIS is weird.....

Power to the blade and lightsaber