What's your newest Buck knife

Newest to me or newest as made by Buck? The last Buck Knife I bought (couple of weeks ago) was this 440C tip-up 118 that had been electro-penned with a former owners name on the blade. I used some small abrasive brushes on a Dremel tool to clean it off. I've worked on regaining the Buck style finish but have a little work left to do. The newest Buck Knife as made recently by Buck was the 2018 Blade Forums 301. Your custom shop 110 is beautiful. OH


Last I bought was a black 524 alumni in late November- early December.

I try to limit myself to one new knife per month so I can carry and use that one new knife for the month ( unless ones a folder the other a fixed and I can carry them together ) , and I've had other knives on the list.
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I found a 302 at a gun show this past weekend. Somehow I missed out on them when they were current product, and haven't been inclined to pay the prices that they've been demanding. You know how nice it is when the right knife comes along at a price the buyer and seller both like.