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When roomies get uneasy....

Feb 1, 1999
my roomate has officially told me that she doesn't like my new interest in knives. she said it was ok when i got 1 but asked if i thought i'd taken this too far.
it's not cool when friends do this..but hey she's not gonna stop me!!!
is there anyone out there that would like to take her place? hehe i'll take applications..

You have anything against "older" men
? I'm available!!!! And I love knives.

Bill McW can even vouch that I'm a nice guy or reasonable facsimile thereof


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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Belle, ya done started something. Maybe you should get a dagger, one that looks like that woman's designer logo, hang it on the wall and call it art. Funny thing, I associate daggers with women.
Bob is indeed a nice guy.
Welcome to knife ownership and the simple fact that most people do not understand them.
Because of the lack of understanding, most regard knives as weapons and not the simple tool they actually are.
They see death and destruction, not the "original tool" of mankind.
When the same people see firearms, they see something evil instead of a finely crafted percussion instrument. This unfortunate majority is responsible for statements like "guns kill" or "knives kill" because they cannot fathom that people kill. The tool of killing is not usually relavant to the decision to kill. It follows the decision and can be whatever is handy ( automobile, gun, baseball bat, kitchen knife, drowning, fists, choking grip to the throat or KITCHEN KNIFE)
As a knife owner, you share in the responsibility to teach the masses that knives are tools. This may be done by simply reacting with suprise when statements are made that they are dangerous weapons with "Oh, I guess I never really thought of that aspect", or "surely you don't think this knife will run rampant by itself and injure people".
Pass the issue quickly and never attempt to argue with the ignorant. Their contempt was taught to them by the media and popular press.
On another issue, you said previously that you wore your knife where it is visable to everybody. That's a personal issue to me as I have difficulty associating a "fast draw" clip to a humble tool.
Also, I have more fear of the clip detaching itself and my knife falling away from the safety of my pocket than I have perceived need to instantly deploy a knife.
Be responsible. Be discreet. Teach others well when the opportunity presents itself, and they in turn will likely educate others.
Sorry about your room mate. I'm way too old for you, but I like you. Take care and keep smiling

My Girlfriend thought I was MAD when I started my knife binge, but I just pointed out her Beanie Baby collection to her, and said at least the things I collect are useful.

It is obvious that your roomie is feeling somehow threatened because of your knife collecting habit, and I would explain to her that under no uncertain term are you going to sneak into her room while she is sleeping and slice her to ribbons with any of your knives. Emphasize that you will not you are not collecting knives for the sole purpose of stabbing her or dismembering her body, and that even if she were to hit on your boyfriend (or significant other of some sort), you wouldn't have the slightest urge to cause her any harm.

Also you should emphasize how much you care for you new hobby by cleaning and maintaining your collection whenever possible. This should show your roomie how much of a responsible person you are because you respect and care for your knives. Sharpen your daily carry knife while watching the tube, and give each of your other knives a buffing each at least once a week.

I would also suggest that you use your knives whenever possible to accentuate the fact that they are handy and useful devices. Use your own knife when eating steak, or other meal that needs to be cut up. Use it in the kitchen for preparing foods. Even starting a small wood carving project would be nice thing to do. Using your knife as much as possible will let your roomie know that not only knives are useful, but that you are completely competant in the proper and safe use of one.

As a final suggestion, you might want to get involved with a defensive training course that emphasizes the use of knives. Be sure to practice the moves whenever you have a free moment. Showing your roomie that knives are useful in personal defense, and that you are capable of inflicting serious harm to an attacker should really set her mind at ease.

Okay, so maybe my sense of humor didn't shine as well as I thought it would...but at least I thought it was funny...



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
MegaFolderians Unite!!

you know it's funny that my parents think the knife thing is cool but my roomie doesn't..hehe oh well...guess i just have cool parents.

hey bald...how old is "older"?

that would be funny about the dagger smoke..i should hang it on her side of the room!!
Belle Amor, (oh boy) if you want to be mean, hide all the scissors. If you're going to buy a dagger and put it on her side, buy one for yourself too. I have a real weird rule, the knives I give as gifts are smaller than the knives I carry. I saw the Calypso Jr. this past weekend, nice. Since you scared somebody, I guess you are one of us now. Ha! (Insert Mortal Kombat Laught Track)

Liz, trust me:



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Just tell her you promse not to turn out like me...with lots of guns and knives and a sword on order. Instead of dreaming about the prom or my wedding, I dream of steel, sharp edges and explosions.

"Girls just wanna have fun"
I know how you feel, Lizabelle--my co-workers have started looking at me funny since they found out I collect knives. Few have said anything, though, but it's obvious they know, as I keep Netscape open to BladeForums and certain knifey web-sites (like Spyderco).

Fortunately, most of my co-workers are gun owners, so I don't think they'd care too much.

If anyone gives you any guff, just say what I said to my brother when he found out:

"Well, I wanted to collect something...and sine collecting ears is illegal, I decided to go with knives."
Gee Greg...thanks a lot

Lizabelle, I'm probably older than your parents as my sons are 23 and 21 but I started a bit late. (The Navy can do that to ya

If you're really curious to see what a bald head and grey beard look like together, my mug is over on the Spyderco area under "Thanks Sal" or somesuch.

On a more serious note, Bill's advise about discrete carry is very important. A knife should be readily available but invisible until needed.


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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Hey Liz, i lucked out, and am rooming in a single (not that my knife collection is that extensive or immpressive anyway). However, i would say that a majority of my friends probably feel the same way that your roomate does. It's a bit frustrating, but it also feels great when I introduce someone new to a real quality knife (or semi-quality knife -- my birthday is coming up, maybe I'll ask for a good knife this time
). At least now a couple of my friends are not only comfortable with me and my knife, but I can trust them to handle them now. Of course I understand the a roomie chemstry is different, so I can't really offer advice about that.
Funny thing is that it was my old boss and my girlfriend's father who originally got me into knives. My old boss was an ex-cop turned stage tech-guy (a benchmade fan), and my girlfriends father seemed to be a boker guy.

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Liz, I told my wife, "look at your scissors,
they're 2 knives put together"...that worked
for about 10 seconds, still working on her.
It's tough.
Jim is right!! The best way to instill value in a knife is to present a good one to a friend as a gift. The Spyderco Dragonfly is the little cousin of the Calypso you have. I like them best in the stainless configuration.
A person's first knife is remembered as vividly as taking your drivers license test.
Know what I mean ?

BTW, I think James Mattis offers a "Student Discount"

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Good tip Bill. The Dragonfly is an excellent first knife. I gave one to my little sister some time ago as her first and she uses it all the time. My only goof was that it`s fully serrated which scares the ____ out of her sheeple friends. Now she`s buggin me to find her something plain edge with a thumb stud.
Life is good. Marcus
Excellent advice from all! One of these very best ways to help people overcome thier fear of knives IS to give them one as a present. Since I gave my wife her AFCK in M2 steel, she's found dozens of uses for it, and she carries it with her every day. Now if I could just get her a Glock 30 we'd be all set.

Lizabelle, it could be worse. When I showed my former roommate (I'm an RA now, $2K per year and a single!) the 7" bowie I'm making, he didn't mind it at all.

Instead, he asked me to make him a small double edged dirk he could conceal in thigh pad pockets for the handshake after the Monmouth/Knox game next year.

So it could be worse--your roommate could be a total psycho!

L'belle: You don't mind that I collect knives, do you?

Psycho roomie: Cool! Do you have anything that will open a man from groin to neck--before he wakes up?

(No, my friend isn't quite that bad. But he does claim that if we lose next year he'll cut every fourth wrist in the handshake line . . . I'm afraid to let him have so much as a ballpoint)