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When Y2K is over....

Aug 25, 1999
Just had to say that I'll feel a little lost when (and if) Y2K comes and goes without society crashing to the ground. For the past year I've been thinking strictly in terms of "can I carry it?" or "can I maintain it with no outside assistance?" or even "wouldn't that money be better spent on ammo, MRE's, or the Mountaineer II?" At least it's helped me thin out my huge heap of "stuff", and taught me to look harder at the new things I aquire, with an eye toward longevity and simplicity. Anybody feel the same?
When the hype is over, and every one comes out of their suburban hidey-holes and starts wondering why they bought all the crap they bought, I will be there: to purchase to night vision I always wanted, but wasn't willing to shell big bucks out for, to purchase the guns I have been wanting to add to my collection, to stock up on my target ammo, which I am sure will be available at a cut rate...It will be one big discount sporting goods store.

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Hey Dogman,
Good point! I never thought about it. I better start saving up my money!
I'm with Dogman, I'll be doin that myself.

To tell you the truth, I actually want something to happen Y2K, just so it isn't a letdown. Not total chaos maybe, but power out for a few days, stores haywire for a week or 2. Just so people can remember what "roughing it" is like, because a lot of people need to try living without power and a phone and stuff, at least for a little while...
It's kinda funny to see so many american website's in which they warn that Y2K is going to be the end of the world. An outsider, like me, could easily believe that most Americans are very worried. In my country, The Netherlands, the general consensus is that nothing really exciting is going to happen. Oh well, maybe I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet and maybe we are wrong and in for a big surprise.
But still, it nice to see these 'cultural' differences.
I'm with you guys. I'm waiting for the one and only "Y2K Fizzle Yuppie Survival Equipment Clearance Garage Sale", coming to a neighborhood near you.

I'm also of the opinion, though, that we should all be at least a little prepared for any small or large disaster (natural or otherwise) that comes our way. I've always tried to have basic heating, food, and lighting "stuff" around for blizzards, power outages, etc., but this Y2K post-apocalyptic wasteland anarchy stuff is getting out of hand. In fact, the closer it gets to Y2K, many that I've talked to and read opinions from seem to think it's going to be less what happens and more how people react to what happens. Chicken Little lemmings, with kneejerk reactions, who will have more stuff than they know what to do with come February or March. You know I'm saving my pennies up.

Don LeHue

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I have to say I am with you on this.
I have always felt that Y2K was more hype than actuallity. Don't get me wrong, I am sure some things will screw up, but overall I seriously doubt society as we know it is going to come crashing down.
I am waiting for the major discount on select items after the fact, items like: Gold, Silver and other fancy doo-dads.
Imagine the "Post-Apocolyptic" garage sales....

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
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Yup, it's hype all right. We probably won't see the "mega garage sales" right away, probably not until late spring or early summer. IF there's gonna be a problem, it'll be from the old USSR coming unglued once and for all, and/or China going bonkers.

It's still unlikely, but if there's gonna be trouble that's where it'll hit.

The BIG winners will be the homeless shelters and food banks...they're gonna end up with monster piles of canned goods and MREs.

Jim March
I always thought Y2K is just a reason for us to buy those toys(another gun, more ammo, knives, another gun, etc...).

Talk about Y2K, Spark, is BladeForum Y2K ready??
the only rioting will be us fighting over a generator that some yuppie is selling for 25 dollars!

but is it just me or why did they buy chain saws but not enough gas for them, wouldn't a 2 person saw or a good axe doo better?
I don't know about you guys, but I'm hoping for a sale on firearms and high cap mags/ammo if there is a fizzle.


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I believe we should be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. Whether or not Y2K is as bad as some say it'll be, or whether nothing will happen, as others say, I don't know. I personally believe something major will happen, such as interuptions in electricity, and food shortages. What better way to control the masses than first making them hungry? It has always worked.
This nation is ripe for judgement, from God. At the same time, the powers that want to slam-dunk world socialism down our throats will contrive problems, even if there aren't any. On top of that, a run on the banks will collapse our economy and throw us into a world depression, the likes of which will make the last planned depression (which lasted 10 years, and started our plunge into socialism at high speed), seem like a walk in the park. God has promised His children that he would always supply all their need. But He doesn't expect us to sit under a shade tree and do nothing. It is far better to be prepared than to end up a slave or a serf.
One further comment...
Biblically speaking, whether you believe the Holy Bible or not, it is still interesting to note that God has warned us about the end times and about a 7 year period that will occur called the Great Tribulation in which 1/4 of the world's population will die. We who have made gods out of our luxuries, our high technologies, our KNIVES, and everything else, will soon realize that without God we can do nothing. He just might soon destroy everything that we've put our trust in (such as our Gov't), instead of putting our trust in Him. GLOOM and DOOM - don't you love it? Have a knife day. ROMANS 10:13
Wow! Not what I expected when I posted this thread, but that's what I love about BF. I lived in Michigan the first 27 years of my life, and we learned how to live without power, or trips to the store. I agree that it is a valuable "skill" to learn, and hope that at the very least Y2K gives us THAT much of a break from our routines. Garage sale? Cool! Always loved 'em. But biblical armageddon? I have my doubts. Knives as false idols? Gee, must be talking about those Sebenza owners.....
Whether you believe it or not, Y2K is only the beginning of seriously troubling times that are to come.
Witness from day to day as the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
Natural disasters are getting worse and more frequent, there is some kind of wholesale massacre of some ethnic or religious people going on somewhere on a daily basis, our rights are being stolen right in front of our very eyes and we as a people are doing NOTHING about it, people around the world are dying of disease and famine by the MILLIONS, hell, maybe hundreds of millions, volcanic activity is up on a worldwide level spewing out ozone destroying gases that is eating away our protective ozone layer.
Hate to be the voice of doom and gloom but hiding one's head in the sand and saying "oh, it'll be alright" is not going to cut it.
Change is in the wind people.
BIG change.
But I do hope your right about the post Y2K garage sales. I just realized I need more firepower.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I tend to agree with Hanson and misque> I don't know if it will be "TEOTWAWKI" or something else. The IS Guys, that's computer geeks (no offense Spark), at work are setting up for a fix on failure New Years weekend. There will prodibly be something going on. I hope that it is nothing much. BUT think of what would happen in the closest big city if: there were no groceries in the stores, no checks in the mail, no liquor, no power, etc. It would make anything else look small by compairson.

Here's hoping and praying that we have a lot of LARGE garage sales to attend sometimes in the early part of 2000. Just don't hold your breath.

i have to agree with Hansen and misque also. A Navy Marine study has also rated 120 cities for Y2k compliance. Many cities are rated as failures with some losing gas sewage and water. And foreign countries, from whom we are now 905 dependent on for oil and other products, are not ready at all. A prime example is Japan ,venzuela, and Saudi Arabia. Yes, also watch out for China and her military moves as she takes control of the Canal zone in November.
So now we have turned a glich in computer language into God's wrath ending the world. I was hoping that forums members were a little more grounded. The only reason stores may not have any groceries is because the paranoid survivalist buying everything. I'll agree with the earlier poster, it's not what will happen it's what some wacko's are going to try to make happen.
Hansen, Jim March and Ivan provide a window into my views. I will add that the Clinton needs a reason to declare martial law and Y2K could be the trumped up reason. FWIW, most of us paraniod survivalists were well prepared long before Y2K came to light. It's a way of life.