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Where are your blades when you're not carrying?

Aug 25, 1999
I've been, um, acquiring a fairly sizable number of knives since I joined the forum. Thanks to some early, idiotic bidding on e-bay, followed by some more intelligent choices guided by fellow forumites, I have a not-too-small pile of knives around the house. With more on the way. I don't have my big gun safe yet, which is where I plan on storing them. Do you folks display yours or hide them, or are they all over the place like mine?
Mine are scattered all over the computer desk, and surrounding shelves. As well, I've got a few in my bedroom on my nightstand and on a shelf.

Generally, it's a case of organized confusion.

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swball-you could be describing my house! Seriously, for me its by the computer, on the shelves over the computer, in the nightstand, and scattered a few other places. Spooky!

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A large pile of valuable knives is an invitation to a robbery. Knives bring top dollar on the "after market" and most are basically untraceable. Aside from the loss of potentially having your collection disappear, check your homeowner's insurance for more bad news: there's typically a special cap on loss by theft of "collectibles" often $5000 and sometimes as low as $1000. (BTW, if you also have guns, check that policy again as there's often another limit loss of firearms often very low.) You can have these limits raised for a very small extra cost, but that won't help you after the loss. There's one more real danger here: a thief will probably try to wait until you and your family aren't home. Hope that he gets it right as you really would probably loose your knives than put your family in great risk by inviting a criminal into the house with them.

Collectibles need to either be in a very secure safe (a serious safe that is very secure and very, very heavy, 2500+ pounds empty, and also properly bolted to the foundation of your house), or, if you can't afford or don't for some other reason want such a safe in the house, just rent space in one, a safe deposit box. You can typically get a nice big one for about $100/year. Would you like to get 25-35% off on that price? Then store some bonds, stock certificates or negotiable securities in the box with your knives (certain other types of business records also qualify), and the rent on the box becomes tax deductible.

Everyone who knows that I collect knives knows that I don't keep any significant pieces in the house.

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Yeah Chuck, that's why I'd have to kill you.

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Locked. Up. Tight! You can put an amazing number of knives into a gun safe, and still have room for the guns!
I have to admit I am guilty of leaving knives around the pc: high up on the shelves out of reach of my toddler. You guys are starting to scare me....we have WAY too many similar habits
. Knives like firearms you have to teach SAFETY, but locking them up out of the way is an easier policy.

Ray 'md2020'
"NOT CARRYING?" Um, I don't think I am ever "not carrying".

Now my "extras" are locked up tight, but I always have a little something on or near me at all times....

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Most of my knives are on a shelf in my closet. I do keep a pile on my dresser. These are the ones I pick from in the morning when I get dressed.
Stashed in different places: Alot in a box on my nightstand, some in the car, some khukuris on the wall, machete in the closet, zytel spydies all over, etc.

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Hopefully someplace a thief won't find!

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I purchased one of those roll up bags that hold about 30 folders and keep the ones that I seldom carry in there. The one I carry often are scattered about on the bar or at my computer table. The large fixed blades are hidden. I really like the roll up bag, it holds the knives very well. I don't have any really expensive knives but if I did the bag wouldn't be my choice because then can rub against one another.

I tried keeping my best knives in a safety deposit box and the others in the gun safe, but why have them if it's a chore to get them and use them? Insurance is not that expensive; safety is, however, a real concern. Not just intruders and overly curious visitors, but children, who are more resourceful than they're often given credit for. My kids are trained to handle knives safely and to stay the hell away from mine. I've been trained to keep my knives where only I can easily get at them, I hope. I'd love a better display/storage option. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I have very limited space to work with.
The ones I use or carry constantly are never locked up. They get picked up and put on higher ground if some children are over at the house. Otherwise, the ones I do not use very often are locked in an old tool box that I have put into the attic and surrounded with old boxes. The casual thief will probably not bother with my attic b/c it is not finished and looks like any one of a dozen you have seen in a horror movie.

Oh yeah. I have a Kabar USMC black fighting knife in the butcher block. It hasn't seen any use yet. Hope it never does.

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I have mine in a top draw in my dresser were they are nicely laid out in a uniformed order. I am going to have to find a bigger draw running out of space!


Mine are all over my room. They each got their own "spot" in my room, so I can always tell what goes where and if one is missing...