Where can I find a big ZT sticker?


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Jan 26, 2013
Even though my neighbor and I are friends, everytime we speak, he wants to talk about how much better Gerber knives are than anything else out there (closed minded knife enthusiast? maybe an oximoron but oh well). He has this big Gerber sticker on the back of his lawn mower he keeps pointing at. I laugh about it inside, but have been wishing i had a big ZT sticker on mine, so that when we pass on our respective side of the fence, I will be able to point at my mower bumper and smile, while watching him tremor in his Bear Grylls orange trim shoes. It may be petty, but I find it totally humorous, and need to find this sticker. Any ideas would help. Thanks!!
Ask Kershaw warranty for some. It's not that big of a sticker (the zt one), but they also send a Kershaw sticker, and that ones pretty large.
As you can see the Kershaw sticker is huge.


ZT sticker is about half the length.
I don't find it petty, partly because I'd be doing the same thing! And rivalries are sooo much fun! Neighbors are cowboys fans, I'm a steelers fan, every week we have to gloat to each other!
I'm with ya man, do it :thumbup:
This battle has been going on for a while. He painted his mower wheels camo and wouldnt quit talking about them, so I turned my mower into the yard assault vehicle (painters tape, and some green/tan paint). He started duct taping his Gerber machete sheath to his fender, so i tec-loc'ed my garrison custom chopper under my seat. I just laugh when I seem him plotting his next move. It always gives me something to look forward to. My wife even laughs at it.

Chopper under the seat

Yard assault vehicle
"Y.A.V." That's hilarious! I love neighborly rivalries!
my next door neighbor and I have been playing one-up with our mowers for years...

last year I came home with this... snappera.jpg

and a few months ago he brought home this... images.jpg

he wins...

seriously... $20,000 for a mower...
My father in law gave me the Simplicity. For what it is, the 16 horse v twin briggs does pretty well. I am pretty impressed with the hydrostatic drive too. I'm only mowing 1.5 acres so its good to go. Its a 1997 model but the motor only has 243 hours on it (1 year old hydrostatic trans, 2 year old deck, new pullys and belts.) He also gave me the dump bed pull behind cart, the spreader that works off the pto and a 57" wide spiked aerator (the kind that you fill with water or sand). I thought it was a nice donation to the cause, and I couldnt argue with the price.
Its got the hooks for wheel weights. Maybe I need to get a scraper blade for the front to clear zombie hoards.......while laying down an even mow. But for real, it runs great!
Next time I make it down the mountain to see my dad, I will take a pic to post of the 1966 Snapper rider that he and I restored. My great grandfather bought it new, and I mowed with it until i graduated high school in 2003. My dad upgraded to a kubota zero turn and the snapper went into storage. A few years ago, I took a few weeks off work in the summer, we took the entire thing apart, replaced every nut and bolt, rebuilt the motor, replaced all rubber and plastic, and then had a family friend who has been painting show cars for 40 years, lay down a killer paint job on the old girl. Better than the mower was spending so much time with my dad, since I dont get to see him much.
I will definately call on getting one of those giant kershaw stickers, and maybe KAI will chime in as to where I may be able to purchase a large ZT one as well.
Looking at the height of the grass (weeds? :confused:) around it, it doesn't look like you've mowed anything in a while.

That pic was before I mowed the lawn. And that grass grows freakishly long in a short amount of time.
for years this was my mower... snapperb.jpg

now my wife uses it to haul her horse feed, hay, etc... (actually she more often than not uses me and the wheelbarrow...)