Where do you carry your knives?

Aug 25, 1999
I've been reading a lot about forum members who carry quite a bit of steel on a daily basis. I was wondering where you carry your knife or knives, and how comfortable these carry options are. I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry while I jog. Any ideas?
Well, what sort of knives in particular are you talking about carrying?

Anyway, my solution for carrying a knife(Buck XlTI, 5 inches closed 3/8ths or so thick) was to run in Levi denim shorts with the knife in the fith pocket and the handle held against my side by my belt.

Comfortable and never fell out.
good point. I'm talking about any blade you carry on a daily basis.
2 folders, one in each front pocket.

If I have a fixed blade, such as my SRK or something. I slip in in my back pants part, blade going down, handle sticking out.
Clipped to the pocket (front or rear) like they were meant to be (at least if they have a clip ;-) ). I used to try and carry my LUDT that didn't have a clip in the 5th (or "change") pocket on my jeans but it always dug into my hip-bone. Fixed blades- I've always had them on a belt/waistband. I have a Dozier A. Toothpick, but have never worn it in the should-rig. That sorta thing is a no no in California.
I will carry my larger knives (3.5"ish+) in a belt sheath, right side carry with a possible spare on the left. I use sheathes for smaller blades as well, but I will sometimes just drop it into a coat or pants pocket, especially if dressing up. I also have a SAK Spartan on my key chain in my right front pocket most times.

If I'm carrying one knife then I clip it to my front right pocket. If its two knives then one is clipped and the other goes into the fifth jeans pocket.

I carry a Kershaw random task in my front pocket a Kershaw talon in my fifth pocket and a cold steel dsperado on my left front waistband for right haned draws. The desperado is the best fixed blade for concealed carry due to it's large curve. After the first couple of days you dont even know it's there. I think the only people that might find it uncomfortable would be someone with a larger stomach or gut,but I am not sure, I dont have one.


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At work I have my Military in my right front pocket, my AFCK in my left front pocket (it is a right hand model, draws sweetly into a reverse grip), a Hobbit Fang clipped to my armor, and soon a CS Safekeeper clipped to my boot.

While working out I carry one of my folders just behind my right hip (I vary the folders), This works great while jogging, as well as a neck knife (my house key is on the chain to my Hobbit Fang, two birds with one blade).

When I am out on the town I carry either front pocket or at my appendix if I am armed (which is more and more of the time
). If it is a light day than I stick to behind the hip. I have been doing this long enough (or I have better than average kinisic senses) that I have never reached for a knife (stress or no) and not grabbed it. Maybe I can talk our city Doc into getting us some injectable epi so I can replicate some stress shooting tests.

My everyday carry knife is a small tanto that fits in my wallet. When I want something bigger I go for a neck carry or across the small of my back.
#1 son turned me on to a few pairs of cargo shorts worn all summer, instead of my usual no pocket soccer or hoops shorts. It was a blast. Carried Gunsite folder here. Hartsfield Kozuka there. Teentzy SAK clipped on pocket $ with the Sebenza. Prized small Fowler on the belt. Never ran out of sharp edges.
I use the horizontal belt sheath that came with my BM45S. Sometimes I forget that it's there.
I carry a Spydie police model, large in size and long in length but thin enough to carry concealed in my cargo pants. They usually have deep side pockets and will enable the knife to 'dive' in, so to speak. Comfortable? Yes, so much till i forget where i put it after awhile...
I carry one folder each side, rear pocket.

But on BDU's you have the option of front, rear and cargo for both sides and waistband. And shirt pockets, and belt sheaths. And neck.

For running, waistband would seem to be the ticket.

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Well, I carry my EZ Out in my right side jeans pocket. Quite comfortable. Usually also have a Kershaw Anphibion in my boot. (Dayton Ranch boots)

Large folder, BM 710 of AFCK clipped in left hip pocket. Often a small folder clipped to a loop of mason's cord around my neck (this works surprisingly well.)

In winter, when it is colder and dryer and I have more pockets I generally carry an old fashion slip lock, like a bone handled stockman, often in a vest pocket. Also a larger folder or fixed blade clipped to inside pocket of my jacket or coat.
Well, I'll usually carry my Leatherman Super Tool in a combo sheath with a mini-maglite on my right hip, an everyday, cheap loaner pocketknife in a belt sheath on my left hip, my Laguiole pocket knife in my back left pocket, and my Endura in my right front pocket (or tucked into my waistband, depending on the surroundings). Another favorite I've found is to carry the Endura just below my right kidney, clipped inside the waistband of my jeans. Some makers even have a beltloop right about there, which will keep the thing from scooting towards my spine when I get active. When I carry a fixed blade, it generally depends on the situation, but my favorites are wearing it in a cross-draw sheath on my left hip, or in a horizontal sheath, drawing to the right, in the small of my back. Both of these are generally pretty comfy, and perfectly safe, if you have a secured sheath. They're also nice because (and this could be 'cause a got a big ole' butt) there's no knife sticking out to catch on stuff...you just have to be aware of how you move. Well, hope that not TMI!

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When I wear regular street clothes, I have my AFCK clipped to my right front pocket. When I mountain bike, my knife is inside my water bladder pack (Camelback).

When I jog, I carry a Delica clipped on to my shorts waistband located behind my right hip. I noticed that different shorts carry the knife differently. I have some friends who are runners and like to carry neck knives.
Right hip pocket works best for me.It is easy to get to,even when seated.Also if any outer garment is used,it conceals well back there.Since I don`t put anything else in that pocket,the knife doesn`t get scratched up by keys,coins,etc.
If it is a larger or collectible knife,it gets carried on a horizontal sheath on my right hip.