Where/how do you carry your knives?

May 2, 1999
There's been lots of threads about favourite,best,most-wished-for,etc. carry knives. I don't think I've seen one about where and how people carry their knives though.

I carry my main knife clipped inside my right front pocket against the rear seam. A SAK Tinker with a small leather fob in my left pocket. And if it is not my main knife of the day, I wear my Delica either clipped to my left front pocket or sometimes in a shirt pocket.
If I'm wearing pants with no pockets - workout shorts, light baggy pants(the kind with loud designs), I clip the Delica to the inside of the waist band over my right rear hip. Anything heavier than this knife can start to pull the elastic waist on pants like these down.
As well I have a Mini Buck Tool on my keychain.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
No offense, Bill, but this would be easier to answer if the question were "Where DON'T you carry your knives."



I always have my main emergency preparedness knife (Endura, Stryker, or AFCK) clipped to my right front pocket. I usually have a Delica in my left front pocket, so when I'm standing around with one or both hands in my pockets I've always got a knife ready on very short notice. For when I'm sitting down, at work, in the car, or at church, I have a shirt pocket knife. Oh, and I always have a multi-tool on my belt. I sleep with an Endura and a Photon light clipped a pair of athletic shorts. When I'm wearing my kilt (I'm a bagpiper when I'm not rescuing pretty ladies in runaway stagecoaches) I carry a Stryker clipped to the top edge of the bottom layer, so the clip is concealed by the "apron". Nice thing about the Stryker is that it doesn't leave a sharp corner protruding above your belt line when you wear it in your waist band, angled slightly. Better than the AFCK in this respect.

David Rock

Never carry a knife shorter than your schnoz.
I usually have something clipped in my right front pocket, and sometimes something clipped IWB over my right hip and a Super Leatherman on my left side. I also have a few toys stashed in the truck as well because you never know when an errant Canadian might cross the border and try and start trouble.

Militant Eskimo in AK
My newest LPU (Life Preservation Unit), my mini-Axis, is located in my front right pocket. It's at the bottom of my pocket when I'm at work and clipped to the right pocket with my larger axis clipped in my left pocket when I'm in "street clothes." My thinking is that strong side carry should be with the knife that is always with you. The LPU should be the mainstay, especially considering that in some instances two knives are gonna call attention.

I usually carry one in my right and one in my left front pocket. When I have a coat or jacket, I sometimes carry one in the pocket, too. On my belt I carry a multi-tool some of the times, the Leatherman Wave is the one I carry now. It replaced the Leatherman SuperTool once this Wave came out.

I switch up on the knives that I carry every couple of days, right now I have my Spyderco Wegner in my right front pocket, Spyderco Military in my left front pocket and my Benchmade Pinnacle in my jacket. Tomorrow I am going to carry my Pinnacle in my left front pocket and my Emerson Commander in my right front pocket. I will have on my belt the Leatherman Wave. Sunday, I will be carrying my Cold Steel Gunsite Folder and my MicroTech SOCOM M/A. Won't have the Wave on me that day. Monday I will still be carrying my MicroTech SOCOM M/A and probably my Spyderco Wegner. Tuesday .....

I carry a Wilkins neck knife, a small, Sebenza in my front right pocket and in my left pants pocket I carry a Perkins "Kerver"....some days I use all three!!
I carry my Victorinox (Swiss Army Knife) "Adventurer" in my back pocket propped up verticle beside my wallet. It shows no pocket bulges and I keep the locking 3.25" blade as sharp as a straight razor. This is my "alway there" survival knife with 5 blades. I have had it missed in pat searches and, being Swiss, I have no trouble bringing it on board airplanes.

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I carry a knife (I switch out alot) clipped inside my right front pocket. I dont put anything in my pocket with this knife. I have a Leatherman Micra on my keychain in my left front pocket. I carry a Leatherman Wave on my left hip. I sometimes carry a Stiff Kiss around my neck. I would carry more knives but any more would get in the way of my guns.

"I don't care if you think it's your right. I say: Sorry, it's 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun I think you should go to prison."- Rosie O'Donnell

"I don't care if you think it's your right. I say: Sorry, it's 1999. We have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to make stupid comments, and if you do make stupid comments I think you should go to prison."- Dennis R. Bible

My Military (or Wegner or Buck Crosslock or Mini-AFCK) in right rear pocket. Mini-Dyad in right front, Victorinox Executive in left front, Swisstool either in left rear with wallet or on belt, and last but not least, Spyderco Moran in slip sheath IWB when possible(depending on costume for the day). There is always a little room for substitution (like when I get something new
) but this is the standard. Oh, there is usually a neck carry going on too, have several options in this area.
Primary on belt sheath, right hand side. Back up either in right front pocket, coat breast pocket, or around neck, depending on dress.

AFCK - Right front pocket, by back seam.

REKAT Hobbit Fang or Livesay Woo - Around my neck.

Usually my old model Military in My left front pocket.

Cetan (when I wear it) - Middle of the back - horizontal in it's sheath - right hand draw.
I carry my AFCKbt in my right front pocket, my mini-Stryker in my left front pocket, and my 350bt in my shirt pocket or my back left pocket, and those are just my BMs.....My leatherman Wave goes on my belt along with my SOG sogwinder for actual use.

Where don't I carry my knives? Various orifices are a no-NO, inside my underware, and in the bottom of my shoes.
Yekim, loved you response

You don't have to worry about errant canadians crossing into Alaska. First off, most of us aren't stupid enough to live that far north (nothing personal).

Seriously though, with our gun laws (and you americans thought your legislation was tight) we wouldn't pose much of a threat armed with our hockey sticks and beer bottles. Why do you think we haven't had a war with you since 1812? We wouldn't stand a chance in hell. But that doesn't matter, we won that one and can retire undefeated with a perfect 1-0 record against you.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
Its a variant on the ever-beloved "What have we got in our pocketses?" thread!

My front pockets have the most capacity, so they get my wallet, checkbook, keys, change, and stuff. The "stuff" includes a Photon Light and a GT Mini auto which has behaved itself so far.

Rear pockets - my one-hand folder of the week clipped to the right one, and my ambidextrous one-hand folder of the week clipped to the left one.

Belt - Leatherman tool with tool adapter on the left side, Swiss Army Knife in a pouch on the right side, sometimes a small fixed blade.

Shirt pocket - slim lightweight one-hand knife of the week clipped next to the pens and pencils.

Nassssty metal detectorsssss! We hates them! We hates them!
Small Swiss Army Knife on keychain, mainly for the scissors. A MT mini UDT somewhere because it is fun to play with. Always have AFCK or Spyderco Military clipped to right front pocket for any serious cutting. That CPM440V steel is the greatest.
I find that changing knives is almost a must. You just can't carry all that you own all the time so I have to change up. Most disappointed with the clip on my Mini-Socom. Placed way to low which allows it to come out of the pocket way too easy. Almost lost it on the shooting range. It dropped out of my pocket and I didn't notice it till some time later when I accidentially looked down at the ground and saw it lying there. The Genesis, another favorite, is a little long and it has a tendency for my leg to hit the bottom of the knife when sitting which pushes it up a little. Always something that I would change. I guess that is why we are always buying something new.

Good cutting,

Military-Front right pocket

Sebenza-belt sheath(on occasion)


BM975-Left front pocket(on occasion)

Cold Steel Master Tanto-Car

As to where do I carry them----Everywhere I can. "know what I mean Vern"
God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

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Just behind my right hip. For me, this carry has proven most effective during the summer months or when wearing a short winter jacket. If I am wearing a trench coat, right front pocket. If wearing a bulky sweat shirt, I sometimes wear a neck knife well.
I carry a Hatin T.E.C. neck knife and a B.M. A.F.C.K. in my right front pant pocket. New maker on the block Chris Hatin real cool knives and excellent steel's.


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