where in your house, and/or car, do you keep a knife?

Jul 2, 1999

I find myself keeping knives in strategic
locations around my house. I have a CS recon tanto under my mattress with the handle sticking out, a zytel knife on the top of the shower ledge, and I am thinking of attaching my timberline aviator under the couch. Does anyone else keep knives around the house or car, and where? Or am I just crazy?


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Where I don't have a knife/multitool is in the crawlspace, attic and shed.

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

You must live on the wrong side of the tracks. I have an 18" 12 Ga. pump, beside the headboard of the bed, a Berretta 92 loaded with Glasier Safety slugs in the drawer of the night stand. a Browning High Power in the bookcase in the living room, and a Smith & Wesson 45 colt in the office. There is a Chief Special Airweight over the visor in the jeep.

Now where did I leave that knife, Oh yea, It's in my pocket right where I left it.

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My knives dwell in my room, the Gun Safe thats in my parents room and the kitchen.
In knife rolls and zippered pouches. I hope to have some of them in a display case fairly soon, if I can find a halfway decent looking one.

In my truck, my knives are either clipped in my pocket or in rolls. I`d never hide a knife in my vehicle. That`s truly the LAST thing I`d want a cop to find under my seat after i`ve been pulled over.
In my case an easier question would be "Where DON'T you keep knives?"


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YOU CRAZY! Me too though, I keep a Spyderco Delica, open and blade up, in a sheath, mounted on a dog-tag chain in this little crack in between my bed and my nightstand. Oh yeah, I also keep the door to my room in such a condition it makes a screeching noise when opened. I think I might just be a little less paranoid then you guys, you have like blades fixed to enema bags and ceiling fans...;-)


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I keep my old 22" blade Corona machete by my bed and a folder in my pocket. And yes a 357 is next to the Corona. Never had to use either on surprise visitors but I think I would rather scare someone off with that big nasty blade than be sued for excessive force. Of course if push came to shove...BLAM! What's the best way to get brain stains offa the ceiling?
Hello again Louis !

You and I posted similarly in rec.knives (Post-Millennium scenario) so you know you are no crazier than I. Yeah. I've knives hidden everywhere too. Spyderco Police model on the shower ledge. Him. Imports Khukri between the mattresses on my side. Colt Officer's Model Enhanced 45 ACP in my nightstand drawer. Mossberg 590 loaded with flechettes in the cabinet. Oldest son, Tony has little interest in knives. He just carries a resin-laminated bo staff in his F-250.
In my rig right now, a Cold Steel Tanto and a REKAT Pocket Hobbit. I've little concern for what a LEO might find in my vehicle because I don't just don't give them any reason to pull me over, much less search me. That's middle-age I suppose. Take care.

I keep them in a flat safe which is similar to those used in safe-deposit box in banks, in a drawer next to my bed that is! But i do have a baton within arms reach above the bed, you have to be ready at least.

Power to the blade and lightsabre
When in a house or car I store my knives on my hip or in my pocket. They're easier to get to that way.
All over the place. I don't think there is anywhere in my house where a knife is more than 6 feet away.

Always have one on me, when I'm dressed at least.
I wasn't surprised to see I wasn't the only one with a kukri stashed near the bed! Can you imagine the look on some intruder's face if you busted one of those things out on 'em? Yikes!!!
Added bonus with that "knife" is that you can whip the edge around 180 degrees really easily and whack someone with the spine of the blade, thus insuring great pain and imminent unconsciousness to the assailant!

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Re: Shower knives...

Four years ago, while still living in the dorms at MU (Missouri), I always kept my clothes with me in a waterproof gym bag while showering, because I didn't trust people not to steal them if I left them outisde the shower stall in that big community bathroom. In the pocket of the pants in that bag was a Victrinox multi-tool for miscellaneous odd jobs, not intended for self-defense primarily.

Really early one Saturday morning, I woke up for no apparent reason and started showering. I didn't know it yet at the time, but there was one other guy on that floor who did this as a routine to go to work, and he was always the only one up at that time.

While I was in there, heard someone come in and start doing something very quietly (I have better hearing than most). But I had no clue WHAT he was doing, since he didn't get into another shower stall and nothing flushed and none of the sink faucets started running. I just knew he was trying to be very quiet.

"If he doesn't want me to know he's here, he's up to no good," I thought. So I reached into the bag and got the knife out of the pocket, since it was the most weapon-like thing available. A moment later, I saw the shadow on the shower curtain headed right for me, so I lowered my stance a bit and started mentally preparing for the limitations of a fight is such close space (while slippery).

Then the shadow reached up, pushed the curtain aside... and turned out to be some naked girl I'd never seen before. She'd been trying to take her clothes off without being heard. She got one look at me, waiting for her, in an obvious fighting stance, with a knife, and then she ghasped, slammed the curtain back in place, and said "Oh my God, you're not Rick!"

While frantically apologizing and dressing, she got sorta babbly... Apparently, she and Rick had been talking just the night before about marriage, sex, kids, and all that stuff, and she'd decided to surprise him by sneaking up on him during one of his early Saturday morning showers when there was never anyone else around.
Well, I take pride in displaying my knives and swords, and thus there is ALWAYS some of either within arms reach. Also I've got several CS Delta Darts stashed in the bathroom/shower (are we all that paranoid about this, or have we seen Psycho one time too many?
Now hypothetically, I'm not saying that I do you see, but hypothetically if I were to keep any knives in my car(besides the one in my survival/tool kit in the trunk) I'd clip a CS Kobun to the bottom of the seatcover behind the drivers seat, along with the double barreled .410 derringer between the driver's seat and the console. Not that I would EVER carry a LOADED gun in a car....no really officer, I had no idea that was there, and no I don't know how it got there.....

Double barrelled .410 derringer? What,was the gun shop out of the 12 gauge model?!
Really, what kind of load do you keep in it? Does it kick much?(comparitively speaking,does it kick like a small female mule or a large, really angry male mule?!) Who makes it and how much? I've never seen one but I LIKE the concept!

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We're not paranoid or crazy. We're realists - and well prepared ones at that. Don't keep any swords or knife displays in view near any entry point. Shower knives ? We've shampoo in our hair and eyes, the noise of the shower, slippery footing, in a corner, no protective clothing - pretty darn vulnerable to someone more interested than just kiping off with your stuff.

The blade in your survival / tool in your trunk is padlocked in, yes ?

"A" CS Kobun, but "THE" .410 derringer.
Okay....I know.....Hypothetical. Always smart to cover your butt. You never know who's lurking. More power to you.
A LEO's suggested respose to me in confronting
an intruder face to face in my home - "WASTE EM - THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY UP TO NO GOOD". (His words) Crawling out a back window with your stereo - let them go. Nothing they're are attempting to steal is worth a person's life. They want my TV ? It's their's. Terrorize my family ?
They're toast.

SOG desert dagger next to bed along with Glock 22.

SOG pentagon behind the passenger seat in the map pocket.
About a year ago there was a thread on the Ground Zero forum "What's on your bedside stand?" and an amazing array of weaponry was listed....

The .410 derringer is made by American Derringer company. I ran a quick web search and found a site with pictures -- a Czech site, strangely enough: http://arms.eiite.cz/american.htm The gun is legal in the US and is not considered a restricted short-barreled shotgun because of a technicality ... I'm trying not to bore everybody with off-topic details about a gun, but it's difficult to restrain myself....

If you really like recoil the same company makes an "Alaskan Survival Model" with 6" barrels, one in .410 and the other in 45/70! Several people have posted reports of shooting it on rec.guns. All of them were injured by the recoil to varying degrees ... one of them was fool enough to shoot it twice ... injured both times, but not badly enough the first time, apparently.... The thing is advertised for bear defense. After reading those first-hand accounts of shooting it I suggested the way to use it is to give it to the bear and ask him to shoot the thing.... Bears are nearsighted anyway ... he'd probably miss you and the only one hurt would be him. Yes, it's legal; in the US we have the right to arm bears.

-Cougar Allen :{)

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