Where is everybody from?

May 15, 2001
I guess we'll start with me...

I'm from Del City, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City, the state capitol.

So, where's everybody else from?
Fort Atkinson, WI. Also known as Fort Ass-kickin' :p With only 15,000 people and 28 national/international businesses, it's a weird little industrial town.
Topeka,KS., the state capitol, home of Heartland Park Topeka(NHRA Nationals in May)and just down the road from the newest NASCAR, IRL, etc....race track in the country, Kansas Speedway:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colorado Springs, CO!
Home of:

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Hillclimb,
Pikes Peak International Raceway
U.S. Space Command,
Air Force Academy
Olympic Training Center,
Colorado Springs World Arena
Ampex, Lockheed-Martin, and now Intel

But more or less importantly,
A different church-ministry for every 2.3 people in the city.
And a restaraunt for every church!

I frequent the restaraunts, not the churches.
(even though I can't spell it correctly):confused:
I live 45 minutes north of blade_420 in a small crap town called Franktown, the whole "town" is a cross street with a car dealership, a bar, a couple of restaraunts and a PO.;)
I'm from Norway, in a city called Bergen..... the 2. largest after Oslo.

But I don't live in the middle of the city, a bit outside, in a prat of Bergen called Åsane. :)
Amherst, NH. ::sigh::

home of
-annoying little children
-old people who drive too slowly
-A Wal*Mart (the only real commercial place in town)
-police who have nothing to do
-Peter Delisle- the dumbest kid in the world
-more trees
-Souhegan High School (my experimental school of idiotdom)
-the birthplace of boredom

that about covers it :p
I live right in the heart of Chicago,Ill.
Home of the Bulls,Bears,and Blackhawks....Viva Le Chi-town
The tri-state area of Texarkana in a town called Naples. If you blink you will almost miss it.