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Where to Buy Metal ? 1084 / 5160 / 1080+ ???? Help ! (I'm in Canada)

Discussion in 'Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers' started by jimgb07, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010

    Well, seems my order was too small for one supplier in Canada - actually told me it wasn't worth it and cancelled my payment !
    Just as well as he sold me bad metal the last time.

    So, TRYING to get back in the hobby y'all, but no metal.

    ANYONE know of Canadian shops (not Canadian KnifeMaker Supply) or USA shops that are Canada Friendly (Tried one in the us and wanted $65 shipping for only 10 feet of flat stock !)

    Just looking for any of 1084, 1080+, 5160......

    I prefer 5/32 x 1.5, or 3/16" if not too oversized.
    If the stock is oversized, then 1/8 is ok (like .14+) but I don't like going over 3/16
    Anything in-between is fine.

    Just looking to get started again.

    Anyone ?

    Thanks in advance
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  2. xmtgx


    May 11, 2007
    Dunno how Aldo's shipping to canada is but have you tried him? NJSteelBaron.com
  3. duffy99


    Apr 2, 2011
    Canadian Knifemaker Supply gets it's steel from Aldo at NJSteelBaron.com . A lot of people like Aldo's products and Rob at knifemaker.ca is selling the same stuff and good price and customer service . I've ordered a 9" piece of steel as a single order from them and they didn't have a problem not sure what happened with you.
  4. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010

    Yeah, my first experience was Great until I got the undersized metal in a bunch of smaller pieces. He too agreed when he mic the metal himself that his stock was rather undersized (I never asked for a reship or compensation, and it was not offered.)

    I tried to order this time, and he told me nothing he stocks is uniform, but that he would now measure each bar to be sure from now on.

    When I ordered and asked to be sure about the thickness - AND not send me a hundred small pieces (like what happened the last time) - he told me the profit was not high enough for the trouble and cancelled my payment.

    That is NOT good product or service in my book.
    I'm glad he would send you a 9" piece, but for me a 5 foot order was not enough profit for him.

    IM REALLY NOT LOOKING FOR A THREAD ON THAT STORE --- just some help finding a reputable replacement please.

    Many thanks
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  5. Big Mike

    Big Mike

    Aug 30, 2006
    Aldo's the man.
  6. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    Thanks- I sent Aldo a message (and checking about the store connection)

  7. duffy99


    Apr 2, 2011
    You're going to pay shipping weight from the states regardless of where you buy , you might find that the steel you get isn't the exact tolerance from them also. Unless it's precision ground it's not gonna be exact . If you order 1084 from Aldo it's the same as you'd get from Rob just slightly newer. How far off was the sizes ?
  8. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    Hey, I'm not expecting perfection. I dont care if 1/8 is .118, .139 or .125, as long as I know and can order accordingly.
    If it's undersized, I know not to buy it, right? Not knowing is the problem.
    Was supposed to be 1/8" actually oversized 1/8 - 0.139
    I got 0.118 . Imagine my surprise
    As a stock removal only guy, that's a big hit.

    Shipping - yeah, it can be high, but there are ways too, like keeping length down, avoiding high insurance and tracking etc...
    Priority is not usually required though it's the only thing looked at. And some only us UPS which kills to Canada.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  9. duffy99


    Apr 2, 2011
    So you ordered metal 1/8" or .125 and got .118 instead , a difference of .007 decimal inch correct? Is it .118 the whole length or just sections of a long piece?
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  10. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    other store mentioned simply so it's not included in the suggestions
    glad if it works for others
    Thank you
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  11. 12345678910


    Jul 13, 2009
    Where in Canada?

    It's 5,000km, 3,000 miles from coast to coast

    That makes it hard to recommend a local supplier

    It does sound like you would be happiest with Precision ground stock

    O1 in PG are the easiest to find.
  12. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    East Coast - though I\ll buy pretty much any location that is good.
    I actually don't like O1... used to use it a bit when I was a fulltime maker.

    I don't mind rough stock, heck I used to make knives from salvaged car springs.
    What I can't do is plan my builds, buy based on advertised numbers and get something under my tolerance.
    Thats all.
  13. duffy99


    Apr 2, 2011

    How does advertised 1/8"/ .125 turn into .139 , just curious ?
  14. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    Duffy... please honor the thread topic and my request not to thread about a bad-experienced store.
    Just looking for other places.
    Feel free to message me if the topic would impact on a purchase or something, but not looking to rehash an annoying part of my weekend,
    thanks for understanding
  15. wolffbite


    May 7, 2010
    You're probably going to be hard-pressed to find another reliable supplier in canada for anything other than the standard tool steels (O-1 and A-2) which you can get at any fastenal.

    You will probably get your best price for whatever you want by phoning up Aldo, I`ve never ordered from him before but I know he will get you the best shipping prices he possibly can, and his prices are the best I`ve seen. (He will precision grind the stock for you as well to your desired thickness if I`m not mistaken).

    Sorry about your experience with Rob, they have been great to me and duffy, so I find it odd that happened to you at all.
  16. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010
    Hey Wollf
    No worries. I've been in this game enough decades to know there are types. Like I say, whatever store works for you. Guess it depends on if you're liked or not, or drew a bad day from the seller, who knows and don't really care. It's just a knife.

    Going back on your word, being insulting - that is enough for me not to be interested, especially when I was already trying a second order after a bad experience.

    Awaiting Aldo,
    Otherwise I'll just buy O1 locally (at better prices than Canadian distance too)
    Who knows, maybe it'll make for good character angst somewhere in one of my stories (grin).

    PS-- love the knives Wollf !
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2012
  17. sunshadow


    Oct 2, 2006
    Aldo is the man. Talk to him on the phone when you have at least 20 minutes to give the conversation and he will give you exactly what you need, it will be what was described in the conversation and the price will be good. Put your city in your profile and it will give people an idea if you are near enough to them to do a combined order to save on shipping or just drop by (whatever). I have been buying steel from Aldo since before he officially went into business as a steel supplier, when he was just another knifemaker who got a bargain on several tons of some really great stuff and thought he would make some side cash selling it. When that sold out we kept pushing him to get more and he eventually found a steel mill that would do custom batches to his specs, we kept buying him out and then he went full time and started selling every steel type that we need. He is one of us

  18. SBranson

    SBranson KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 29, 2006
    I've ordered from Aldo and been very happy.

    If you want precision ground O1, you can get some Starrett in Ontario off ebay.
  19. Railrider1920


    Dec 14, 2010
    He does respond to emails and such, but it is much quicker to call him and talk with him about what you want
    Office: (973) 949-4140
  20. jimgb07


    Aug 5, 2010

    Yeah, I called Aldo. Talked to his son for almost half an hour (grin).
    Good folks.
    And very precise about his metal measurements and all - even if stock varies, you "know" what you are buying.

    Thanks everyone.

    (ps- @sunshadow - yeah, I'll get the info on my profile updated shortly, never thought of that)

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