Which CRKT knife should I get next ?

May 22, 2000
First I got a Stiff Kiss with a tanto point, then I got an M16-03Z. I am so impressed with these knives. The blades are also very sharp out of the box.

I keep looking at the crkt.com website and have been thinking about which one should I get next, the Point Guard or the Kasper fighting folder?
Try the Kasper next. You won't believe the design and quality of this brute!

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I agree. Try the KFF. I picked up a full size one at a local gun and knife show for $39. I took it apart and hand rubbed the blade, liners, and backspacer to a 600 grit finish. A few polishing jobs with Flitz and it's looking pretty good. Stout knife. Very well put together. The lockup is secure. Add the LAWKS safety and you've got a great bargain for the money.

Just be sure to handle one first. It's a BIG and HEAVY knife.

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This IS the one to get next:


This IS the LARGE CRKT Kasper.

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Point Guard, large with no teeth.
I really miss mine... sold to get cash for an MT.

Glockman is obsessed with his large Kasper, but I don't see what is so cool about it. It is extremely obese for a knife of its size. Probably needs to take a some weight loss programs. How about a program to change the liners to 6AL/4V titanium (lighter weight)? I'll check it out in more detail next week.

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Andre, I would also vote for the Kasper, but it really doesn't matter which CRKT knife you buy next, you're going to be impressed with the value and want to get another one. At these prices why not get a couple?

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I'm still not sure either way. Many of you seem dissatisfied with the weight of the large KFF, but weight is not really an issue. Keep 'em coming.
I got the small KFF because the large one was too big and heavy for me to carry comfortably, but the big one is quite a knife, very impressive. I'm very happy with my small - carry it every day. I just ordered an M-1603z, and the large Point Guard plain edge will be my next CRKT. Those three are the only models I've seen that I really like though.

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Just don't get an Urban Shark. The liner on mine seems to like unlocking itself even in my wussy-assed "white-knuckle" grip. I even ground the serrations off of the locking liner with a Wizarrd and it still happens. Void warranty and a beater knife now I guess.
My other CRKTs do not do NOT exhibit this flaw, so it must be peculiar to this model... This sux cause I really like the heft of this little knife in my hand. It was an instant purchase when I picked it up, but I guess I know to squeeze and fondle my next folder a little more before taking the plunge.

C. Chang,

WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN..."Obsessed", with my Large Kasper????

I ONLY have ONE.
(...But PLEASE don't tell my wife about the other TWO Large CRKT Kaspers [one "plain-edge", and ANOTHER "combo-edge"] that I have bought, and are "on the way"...

Note: I like the LARGE Kaspers the most, because they fit MY wide hand the BEST!

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bladerunr, why do you like the PG better ? I'm a little hesitant about the size of the KFF for 2 reasons - can I comfortably carry it, and is it a behemoth that will scare the sheep if I use it (or scare my wife when she asks to borrow it). Is the PG the better choice in these regards ?
Go with the small Kasper.
I got both the small and the large on by
mail today, and the smaller version is
more manageable, and lighter for everyday
Glockman99, you are obsessed because you post too many pictures of it and talk about it all day long.

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Who can blame Glockman for being obsessed with the Crawford/Kasper CRKT?

I ranked that CRKT up there on my last "wish list" alongside much higher priced knives like the Emerson CQC7, and the BM 710 Axis. I ended buying the Benchmade 710 Axis, but I still want the CRKT.

How's the action? Is it smooth? I'm a bit apprehensive since I have the similar functioning Gerber Covert (also with a LAWKS) but am disappointed with the Covert's liner action. I think Gerber should have used teflon washers on both sides of the blade.
Originally posted by Full Tang Clan:

How's the action? Is it smooth? I'm a bit apprehensive since I have the similar functioning Gerber Covert (also with a LAWKS) but am disappointed with the Covert's liner action.

The action on the KFF is like butter, very smooth. The Lawks, is much sturdier that the Gerber 'Covert' and I consider the CRKT to be a better made knife overall.

I bought the large and small Kasper, the small is my every day carry, get them both, you won't be sorry.

get a CRKT MIRAGE GREY GHOST with the warncliffe blade, plain edge....god i love warncliffs.
The large version of the Kasper KFF might be quite hefty, but if you don't mind lugging it around on a belt sheath (or quick-draw sheath) it's really nifty.

Plus, at its current price, it's also nice to horse around with it. Kelly (Senator) and I did the same thing with our KFFs, as in we buffed out the bead-blasting (never liked BB blades) and satin-finished it. I'm going more than 1000 grit now, and that blade can really take a good mirror polish.. hehehe.
I'll probably post a scan of it when I get the time.

Just got a small Pointguard, too. Very nice as a gentleman's folder, though I don't see the reasoning behind that LAWKS system on a folder as small as that.. on the large, perhaps.. but on the small version?!??

I think the small PG needs the LAWKS because the liner is very thin and the positioning in your hand places your finger "meat" right up close to the bar. So if you grip it tightly a certain way, it may have a greater tendency to disengage. Just my thoughts.

All in all, if you need the safety, use it. If you don't need it, it's still there in case you do need it.
You've told to get Kasper next.

Ok. Here's my first impression about Crawford/Kasper:

I ordered it with 3.75" (plain) blade. With this blade length the knife is quite big (my opinion) and maybe a little bit heavy. I'm not complaining, however. I just compare it to E-Z Out or Bud Nealy SpecialistI,
which I carry daily (mostly in suitcase).

On the other side, the weight adds the feel of it's solidity and durability.
Opening and closing is smooth - LAWKS can't be forgotten, it's excellent discovery.

Blade feels razor sharp. So far the only thing I've used it is sausage, so I have
no large scale of experience of it's cutting power - but I believe it won't be a

Handle fits hand like a glove. To get your forefinger cut on blade you need to
try it on purpose - it won't happen accidentaly, if knife is held on hand like it
is supposed to hold.

Crawford/Kasper is sold (at least in U.S.A) as a self-defence knife - will do that
job. Won't be pointless thing in a belt/rucksack on a (normal) hike either.

Do I like it - yes, I'm keen on it!