Which GEC #44 should I carry?

Pick your favourite

  • Gabon Ebony

    Votes: 14 32.6%
  • Sambar Stag

    Votes: 17 39.5%
  • Cocobolo

    Votes: 12 27.9%

  • Total voters


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Feb 5, 2010
Help me out.

Which of these 3 #44s would you select to be in my EDC rotation? The other 2 will be set aside for fondling.

Left - Tidioute Gabony Ebony
Centre - Northfield Stag
Right - Northfield Cocobolo

I'm leaning toward the stag. Why? I want to see how stag changes with pocket wear, if at all. Of the 3 it is the only one with any kind of an imperfection - the clip blade is ever so slightly off center!!

Just looking at the picture I would choose the Ebony but if you're the kind of person that carries the same knife for a long time then I would go with the Stag for the reason that you mentioned.

If you're like many of us, you won't carry the Stag long enough to develop any significant wear on the Stag. I voted Stag because I like the idea but if they were mine I would stick the Ebony in my pocket because I like the way the satin blades, the shield, and the Ebony all compliment each other.
I love the gunstock pattern, I think I have about a dozen of them. The stag has the best feel so that is what I carry.
Stag and ebony are my favorites to carry regularly, but I agree about the brass...get it aging!
Stag. No shield and stag is always my first choice. No choice for me is the cocobolo. Bullet shield was a deal breaker for me. Way too large and just not into a bullet shield.
Not sure I understand the question... are you suggesting there's another reason to EDC a knife besides for fondling?
The one that you like best?

I'm not going to vote or tell which. If you listen to my suggestion/opinion, I might be mistaken and you'd severely dislike me.
Cocobolo, wood and brass is just such a beautiful combination especially the nice cocobolo on this knife.
I love how you can have bolsters that'll patina right along with the knife, I don't yet have anything with both brass and carbon steel but I'm looking.

Doesn't this make you want to carry that knife ?