Which one would you never sell?


Oct 29, 1998
This is a little like the "favorite knife/folder" threads.

We've all bought and traded knives, alot of them good ones. But I'm sure each of us have a knife that we would never consider selling. Mine is my Small Sebenza, and I'm 99% sure I would not sell my BMQCQ7.

Everything has a price, but there's probably one you just can't part with. What is it and why?

My first top end knife...
The "D'Cicci" made and named by Rob Simonich. This is a true custom, I designed it with particular specs, traded ideas with Rob and he turned it into a reality. This is a real work of art. I was happy with the drawings but honestly had no idea that it would be so beautiful and functional in reality.
Raindrop damascus, snakewood handle,mosaic pin.
One of these days I'll get a "using" version of it.
This one is an heirloom for my son.
Ah, the OTHER Doug ! Just kidding

I would never sell my Sebenza's either.
The Mission MPF I will never part with,also. Don't use either of these because the Sebenza's are a little too small for my liking and the MPF, don't care for the ti blade much for a working knife. Got these bad boys tucked away in my collection!

Mark (doug)

" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People "

My Gerber Paul Knife for reasons stated in "Favorite Production Knife" thread.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

My Mad Dog Cougar. It was made at my request and it is one of 2 ever made.

I have a few that were given to me that I could never feel right about selling
The Custom Logo'd Le Griffe and SpecWar that Ernie Emerson gave me are mine forever.


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Sebenza, although I'd like to qualify that by saying that I'd like to get the newer steel, not sure if the new profile of the handle will be liked as well as the older cleaner style. Any comments on the different handle configuration?


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it's the money.
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Foremost on the list would be my Black Cloud Knives 8 1/2" A-2 Fighting Bowie 4. It turned out to be a serendipitous combination of craftsmanship, design, balance, proportion, and materials that make it utterly perfect for me.

Second on my list would be my two Benchmade custom Bali-Songs, a Harold Corby ground 4" Weehawk, and an Elishewitz 5" Tanto. You can't just call somebody up and order one of these things.

Everything else is pretty much upgradable, if you know what I mean.


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The Sheffield made dagger that my Grandfather carried and used in WWI. It's in a display case in my sons room and will be his to pass along many years from now (hopefully).

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

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Didn't I see your knife on Rob's site (which you designed, BTW. Great job!)? If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's beautiful! Of course, I like all the knives on Rob's site.

I just remembered, he should be treating four of my humble blades as we speak. Can't wait to get them back!

Good post. Knives I wouldn't sell.....

1. My new large Sebenza that has my name engraved on it. Who would want a Sebenza that says "Kodiak PA" anyway (acutally has my real name)?
2. My Kershaw Trooper. Over 20 years old and mint. Will be passed to one of my boys someday. The one that doesn't tick me off

3. My Kershaw Big Joe. It's also engraved and has sentimental value.
4. A WWII German army officer's dagger that my father in law gave me. He "procured" it after a battle during WWII. He's gone now but this is a great reminder of him.
5. My CS Voyager and my Buck 105 that a friend gave me. Never sell a knife that is given to you. There is no better sign of friendship than the exchange of a knife.
6. My Spydie Native that my boys gave it me at Christmas.
7. My EDI Genesis since I really like the knife, I like the company and I respect the guy who runs the show there at EDI. Sorry Will, you can't have my knife back!



Yep thats it. Before I saw that knife (physically) I had never seen a handmade knife aside from some crude ones that local farmers and cowboys made. Cool introduction to custom knives
I tried to do that very thing. Tell myself I would never sell a certain knife. Well ever knife has it's price. I put $5,000 on the one I did not want to sell one time and Mike Gallagher from ABC-Direct bought it. It was the auto Shark by Gil Hibben. He did the same thing I did and put $10,000 on it. Then Tombstone knifeworks at a Mall here in town bought it from him. I wonder what he will sell it for?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Two knives...

One is my grandfather's pocket knife that he carried since 1947 . It's a little all stainless thing that I couldn't even begin to explain how it opens without actually showwing you. The othe is a cutom knife my parents had made for me on my 30th birthday. It's engraved with my name and date of presentation. Both mean more to me than any other items I possess.

My Randall Trout & Bird that has my name engraved on the blade. It was my first foray into handmade/custom territory and I plan to pass it on to my grandson, who at 11 yrs shows all the signs of becoming a knifeknutt.
I wonder where he got it from ?
Small Sebenza engraved with my initials. I carry it often and use it!

Dan Harris
~Greg~ (Kodiac)
I would hate to lose my Umfaan, Small and Large Sebenzas too. All three are off having engraving done right now. All will also have identical scales (plain).
Id let all my other knives go before I would depart with these.
BTW.....like that Sebenza ?
Do I like it.....nahhhh.

Great knife, great design, I just gotta find something to cut now.



This one is easy.....The first knife I made. It's pretty much a copy of a Fred Perrin La Griffe ,with my own little twist thrown in. IMHO, it came out pretty damn good.