Who makes best overall lineup of Knives?

Apr 11, 2000
I'm not talking about "the" best knife. I want to know who you think makes the best quality lineup of knives.
Michael Goeing
For sheath knives: Busse, Reeve, TOPS.
For folders: Benchmade, Spydie.
These companies offer top quality, and a huge selection.
Tough call. I know you are going to get a LOT of different Q&A's on this question.

1. In any price range?
2. For what?
3. Production or custom?(ok, custom doesn't have so much a lineup)
4. By sales volume?
5. By profit?
6. Insert question here

Very much, it depends on personal preference. Rather you prefer fixed, folding, or auto(yes, I know its a folding, but it is a different beast). Rather you prefer tactical or non.

The most versatile lineup(and most disputed) in the sub-$200 price range would seem to be either Spyderco or Benchmade. I guess overall, one of these may be considered "best."

However, looking in folders only, it would seem that the Microtech line owns a certain reputation for ravenously defensive fans. Although I don't own one yet, I plan on it soon. Very good lineup of knives.

Going well over $200.00(though still in production) there are the Chris Reeves Knives(although, not as large a lineup) and the Busse Knives, also more limited. From here, you could go higher into customs, but here would be either an endless "lineup" of knives, since they make whatever you contract with them, or a very limited "lineup" since they will only make(usually) one of what you want and it isn't readily available to everyone.

It would seem, the higher you go pricewise, the more focused the maker is on a smaller lineup. This ensures (IMHO) the ability to have higher QC(quality control) of the lineup.

So, IMO, to get the most versatile lineup of knives, I would look to Spyderco or Benchmade. They both have a fairly large selection of both fixed and folder. Both have highly touted knives. And, the very fact that such heated arguments surround the two, would reveal two good knife companies with good product. After all, who would defend crap?

Note: I have not included all knife companies in this, due to the fact that my synopsis does justice to the question at hand. If I left out your favorit lineup, it was not meant as a slight, just an omission to save space. I tried to make examples in various price points. Of course, there are more(many, many) more brands which are very worthwhile.

For example, REKAT. They are perhaps my favorite brand of knife at this moment, but I only include them in this note, because I feel they don't have the absolute greatest lineup. However, if looking for a working knife, I would highly suggest their lineup as a very strong and excellent product.


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Well, I just brought home my first "higher end" knife, a Benchmade 735S Elishewitz and I gotta say I LOVE this knife. Seems higher quality to me than any of the Spyderco's I have owned. (First post, just my .02 worth).
I also think it would have to be Benchmade. I own 5 BM and I love every one of them. Great knives.
Cold Steel.

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Best looking knives-Benchmade: Hell they use M2!

Best value: Spyderco
Best Quality:Chris Reeve
Shapest: Chris Reeve
Best combo of range, quality and price over all: Spyderco! (best after sales and pre sales service as well)

Company that deserves better: Microtech, great products!

Company that needs to do better on QC and 'other' issues: Benchmade


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If money is no object, Microtech, hands down!

However if you like to save a little money, Spyderco has a great, quality selection.(IMO)


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Gotta say Chris Reeve, even more so with the addition of the upcoming Mnandi to the folder lineup. The One-Piece range is outstanding.
For me - Benchmade.
Spyderco had a larger selection, but I don't like their designs as much. REKAT & MT make good knives, but their lineups are smaller. Other companies like Kershaw, Camillus, CRKT, & Buck make good knives, don't have as many that interest me.

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Benchmade-easily. Most extensive lineup I know of, very innovative, great quality, great customer service, and more recently (yes, I'm going to say it) gre..well, very good, edges.