Who posts the most?

Bob, I think the Cobalt base alloys have something to do with our behavior, hehe.

But, thenaps, SPARK! Now I feel guilty every time I post!
Oh.....my.......GOD. Help. My name is Jim and I'm a forumholic. I open BF, KFC, GF, TFL and now the Glock forum (just the politics areas, I hate Glocks) plus the NAA message board so that while two or three or more are loading there's always something to read.

Sigh. Plus some usenet...HALP!

Jim March
Hang on Jim, there's help for you buddy... Unless you're a knifeaholic too!
Man, I don't think anybody can help them nuts!
This is number 400! Funny thing is, I really don't feel I contribute all that much. Maybe I just talk too much.


Keep talking Greg - it's the only known therapy for knife nuts which doesn't have a price tag attached to it!