Who The Heck Are Ya?

Jul 11, 2003
Last year, Bruce Bump started a thread about new people here in Shoptalk with "handles" instead of names. I've resurrected it a couple times, but now I'll just start one fresh, and maybe Mark can make it a sticky? The purpose of this thread, is not so much for the new people to introduce themselves, but to explain that Shoptalk is a small community of knifemakers, and many of us know each other in real life. We call each other by name. Its a lot easier for recognition outside of this forum, and in fact it will help you as a knifemaker to get your name out there in the public, instead of whatever clever handle you've invented for the forum.

It's also easier for the veteran knifemakers here to answer questions relating to knifemaking to the newcomers if we know your name, and as we get to know you, it'll make things easier. Things are different here in Shoptalk. We like to be friendly and promote an easy-going aire of hospitality and grace. So my suggestion to all of the new folks coming in and asking us questions and participating in knifemaking discussions to put your real names in your signatures, if you don't want to have your handles changed. This at least gives us a solid connection - one in which we all will benefit.

Also, please fill in your location. Its easier for us to recommend an upcomming show, or say: "HEY! I live pretty close to you - swing by the shop" - type of stuff.

Peace, God Bless, and let's get to know ya! :D

Mark Williams

Nov 28, 2000
I have no Sticky powers :(

I usually just ask Kit and he makes it happen.
I think it would be a great idea to have a sticky for the perpetual. "I want to make knives, tell me everything" type posts were we could add all the links to the tutorials that folks have done.

KIT !!!!

Edited to add. I know we are pretty self moderating here in shoptalk. But it would be nice if we had another moderator just for this type thing when Kit is busy. Our other moderator (no offense) is kinda like a ghost around here :)


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Feb 27, 2001
Guys, I hang around here a lot. (even though I am not a knife maker and have not played one on TV.) (Although Kit, Mark, Carl and others are trying to change that.)

This forum is special to me and I keep my nose out of it since it runs so well, but if you ever need a mod to do something when Kit has his hands full just drop me a line. If I screw up, Kit and Mark know me well enough to bash me over the head :D.
Jul 9, 2004
Hi all. My real name is Clark M. Turner, III. I am really just a die hard rock and roller with a new found hobby. That's where villainvomit came from. He is a fictional comic book character, leader of my all original rock band and alter ego wrapped in one. I use the handle on the music forums I peruse and since I am a simple kinda guy, it's much easier on my brain to use it here.

Anyways like I said, I am very new to knife making and am mostly just reading and trying to learn from folks that have been doing this a while. (And of coarse learning from screwing things up and occasionally just getting lucky). If I would have known it was possible to make and heat treat a knife in your backyard, I would have been doing this long, long ago.

I was fortunate enough to meet a few of you guys at Trackrock this past weekend. Man, I had a killer time. My first HI, but not the last!!!!

See you guys around,
Sep 7, 2004
ahhh I understand what this is now :p

I'm Steve Linthorne, I've been an artist as long as I can remember, always loved anything to do with art. painting didn't come along till later.

I've also been playing guitar since my 11th birthday, been in a million bands over the years but mainly did it just for the fun.

Knives are something else that I have loved since I was a kid, I had a small collection, always trading/selling/buying to find better knives, I always knew I would try to make my own someday :cool:

I'm not currently working, I just finished a paper plant shut down and am looking for work! Nova Scotia has a pretty dead job market right now :(

If I could make a living making knives I would be a very happy camper.... maybe someday I'll be that good lol

Cheers, Steve.
Jul 14, 2004

I am Mike Roesch, Living in Chattanooga, TN and am totally new to Knife Making. I attended Bowie's Hammer-In and am totally hooked!

Feb 6, 2001
J. Neilson...also known as J. Neilson. Yep, that's what I sign checks with (when Tess let's me sign one). :D

I agree with the location thing Jeff. There's times, at least for me when it work better to see something than have it explained to me. If you interested in learning more, it's always good to check and see who's around you.

Gossman Knives

Edged Toolmaker
Apr 9, 2004
I've been hanging around this forum awhile and feel I have made friends only through words. Hopefully the future will bring in person meetings. Everyone here is always ready to lend a helping hand and I truly appreciate that. IMO, Knifemaking is something you will forever be learning. There is always a different way of doing something. My name is Scott Gossman. I've always had a problem with my last name, everyone seems to feel it's Grossman. Honest mistake I guess. Anyway, I have been slowly becoming known as Razorback :D
Jan 18, 2003
Nowicki......also known as Larry. I have been called a lot of other things but I usually answer to Larry. I'm in Baltimore Maryland. Been forging knives a while now but don't clame to have all the answers. I'll help when I can.



Apr 13, 2004
I'm not sure if I ever fully introduced myself, so I'll do it again in case I didn't.

I'm Andrew Petkus, I've been poking around here for around a year or so. I set my sig line, but I guess you have to have a paid account for that to show <shrug>.
Jul 15, 2003
Jay Fisher here, as JayFisher.
Haven't been in the forums awhile, thought I'd test it out...
Feb 21, 2003
Well I am Mark Nelson. I live in Atlanta Georgia. I have been around here for a year or so I would imagine that a few of you recognize my name ;) . I have a pool service that I run here in Atlanta so that takes up most of my time. If any of you knifemakers in the Atlanta area need a shop slave/yes man the slow time of my year has started and I would love the chance to see a real knifemaker at work. I will see if I can dig up some kind of picture so you can put a name to a face. I had hoped to meet a few of you at Trackrock but my father was ill and I was unable to make it. Edited to add a pic. I am the one with almost no hair and a grimace on my face. You can ask Dan Koster and he will tell you (I hope) that despite my looks I am in fact a nice guy!


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Aug 25, 2004
My name is Kraig Sederquist and I'm in Sonora California (CA Sierra Mountains near Yosemite).

I’m a web design and multimedia developer. I needed an outlet working with my hands since I’m planted in front of a computer all day. I’ve always been into knives and wanted to get into making them but didn’t know how to get started until I started searching the web.

Once I found this forum I was hooked. I’ve learned so much from you guys. Jhiggins taught me the importance of sacrificing a chicken to Jobu before I start my knife making, and forging etiquette such as branding runic prayers on my chest and scrotum. Thanks for that one.

In the short time following this board I’ve made my first knife with 5 more in the creation process, created a site for Indian George (http://www.indiangeorgesknives.com), and have been punished by Indian George's HT Relish.

Jun 13, 2004
Hi everybody, I'm Jay Mulcahy (thats the handle my parents gave me). I live in Mass and have been having a blast learning how to make knives. I've met some great guys (even Indian George) and have really enjoyed the forum here and all the helpful advice so freely given to rookies like me. I guess I'll finish by saying if you are a "lurking Grasshoppa" log in and say hi!
Jun 25, 2001
I'm rrr wait

rr I had to look :D yeahup
I'm me :D if you don't know me by now you better get back in your hole :D :D I've met a few of you guys too ,, best dang bunch of block heads a round :( rrr I mean knife makers :eek: :D :D
I'm Maine made..and home grown..
Nov 5, 2004
I'm Brian, a newbie to knifemaking. I chose my screen name because it means hunter in German, and I figured Hunter was a little to common. I actually had to change the spelling cuz somebody had the correct spelling. If Jaeger runs across me and doesn't like it, I'll be happy to change my name.

Anyway, I live in TX, just below Austin.
I ran across this forum while searching for different supplies to make my own knife. I watched it for a while, then decided to join. :D

I currently do landscaping as a job, and in my spare time after school, I work on leather or knifemaking.
Well that's basically me. Thanks everybody for being a great help for my first knife!


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Jun 16, 2004
Howard Fairchild is me.
I'm not too new to collecting or knifemaking, as I've been doing them on and off for more than 10 years. I've finally bought a house with a garage, so I can finally do some real work.
Building a gas forge and a HT oven so I can make use of this Hay-Budden anvil I've got sitting here.
I'm from New Braunfels, TX, but have been stuck out here in San Jose, CA since I got out of the USAF in '83.

Mar 13, 2001
I am Walter Powers, a retired welder. I have made a few knifes in my spare time, but don't claim to be a maker. Just a hobbyist. I live in a small community named Lolita, which is about 35 miles southeast of Victoria, Tx.