Why do we like knives?

Jun 13, 2000
Wow, what a bunch of weirdos!

I sleep with my favorite knife...because we're just good friends! Really!

Nov 19, 2000
The one thing I remember from Anthropology 101: There were only two groups of people in early human evolutionary history - those that were attracted to sharp pointy objects and fire, and those that weren't. The ones that were attracted to these things and henced used them had relatively easier lives and hence more offspring (ie. more knife nuts!)the ones that weren't attracted to these tools had fewer children; they went the way of the Neanderthal. And thus, as my professor was apt to say, we are all offspring of these knife/fire-loving people and we are genectically predispositoned to liking knives and fire (the modern equivalent of which is a nice flashlight).
Feb 6, 2000
Outstanding thread guys.
Well time for my opinion. I received an Imperial two bladed pen knife for my sixth birthday 32 years ago. ( I still have it believe it or not ) From that moment on I was hooked to the facinating world of knives.My father being the wise man that he is taught me the resposiblity that goes with possessing such an object.
during my formative years i was able to obtain more knives and develope a lifestyle(not a hobby as some may think) that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.
When I pick up one of my knives I think of my ancesters who met the settlers from Europe. I think of those that fought the invading Normans in 1066. I wonder what it was like to stand on the field of battle and defend my home and family. I think of my family who went through the Cumberland gap with Daniel Boone and settled Kentucky . I think of my Great Uncle who landed on Omaha Beach and lived to tell about it. I think of my Uncle who was in Korea and spent more than one cold winter there.
When i hold one of my knives I think in this world of computers where information is at your fingertips and people have gone into outerspace we still take with us one of our oldest tools,a knife.
Guys no matter how modern we get we will always have and need this tool.
But then again that is my opinion .....