Why dont our wives/g-friends get it??

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Jun 14, 2000
My wife has been converted. She thought I was a total nut for buying and carrying knives. I think all of that negativity changed when I bought her her own, a Spyderco Endura. She used it for everything; in the garden, hiking, cooking, you name it. She wore that knife out very quickly. Since then, she has procured my BM940S for her own personal use. I don't mind, I love the fact that she sees it as a tool and not a weapon. Her eyes lit up when I took that one out of the box, I knew I lost that one. She will one day get her own small Sebenza, she has already had her eye on mine, but she says its too big for her....Like I would let her have that one anyway! I'd have to fight her on that one!!!

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May 9, 2000
My wife does not have anything against knives. On the other hand, she also does not share my love for them either. For the most part she is OK with my knife purchases, but I haven't tried to buy a $1000.00 knife yet. I am not sure what her response to that would be.

Feb 16, 2001
I swear that even thoough I have these complaints, she is getting better by the day. I showed her this post and she thought it was pretty funny. I think it also might do her some good to see that there are other women out there who carry and use knives on a regular basis. I just hope she doesnt think that she can just go off and claim a bunch of my knives for herself when she does finally CONVERT.

And I thought getting her to convert to Catholic was going to be hard.

Nov 27, 1999
You've got to wear them down!

Periodically, take her out to a nice dinner. Each time, after eating, give her a nice gift. When she doesn't expect it ~ buy her a single rose (more than once a year or semi-annually). Then pop it on her....at the third or forth dinner ~ buy her a small little knife ~ would be even better if you can have it engraved with her name or "Love You!"

It took a little bit with my wife ! But she's cool (has to be ~ she's with me) and still doesn't understand....but she sure as hell likes what I do for her ! Especially the single rose thing !
Jun 6, 2000
Not an easy question to answer. I think my friends don't like knives, because they are frightened of getting done by the police with one. They don't know how to sharpen a knife and they are unwilling to pay the big bucks for a good one!

My collecting is frowned upon by most people. I don't bring the subject up if possible. I also change the subject if asked. The other day I bought a new pair of sunglasses. Well the glasses had a tag on them attached with a string (price tag). Well I wanted to wear them there and then, but did not want to use my Military or BM 750 Monolock to cut the string. It took FIVE mins for the fools to find a way to cut it. All the while I am thinking why am I doing this? Because I will get arested for using such a big knife in public... Sorry state of affairs.

Why don't people like our hobby? Because unlike stamps a knife IS a WEAPON. Same with guns only more so. To me a knife is a tool, but to sheeple it becomes a machette of incredible size!


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Jul 15, 2000
I'm truly grateful that my first wife didnt carry a knife as getting stabbed with an icepick was a very unpleasant experiance, cant imagine what would have happened had she had something bigger. My currant wife understands and has nurmerous knives I've made and carries no less that 3 knives on her person. I'm very careful not to piss her off

Arthur D. Washburn
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Aug 15, 2000
I've been practicing lots of different speeches to try to placate the wife when she sees the credit card statements. She does like some of the knives though, but just can't figure out why I keep buyin' them.

But like J.B. Voyles wrote in the Apr 2001 Knives Illustrated, the search for the perfect knife keeps on going.


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