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Why it it so warm lately?

May 21, 2006
Has anyone in the midwest noticed how insanely warm it is for this time of year? I'm looking at the forecast for the next week: 48, 58, 58, 56, 54, 47 for cincinnati:eek: . Cincinnati (and Ohio for that matter) has always had goofy weather, however it usually follows the trend of getting colder and warmer when everywhere else does. I'm just a little weirded out by this weather, what's it like for you all?

I darenot say it, maybe Al Gore was right...:rolleyes:

In NJ we'd have snow by now. Heck, we should have had it in mid-November! While I don't mind the warmer weather I really do wish we'd get some cold temps! Our summer was a bit wierd as well. It was unseasonably cooler in June and Sept.
Very warm here too, haven't any real amount of snow yet. And to think this time last year I was ice-fishing.
Come to Kansas. Our weather has always been weird, so it doesn't bother me anymore. We just got about 4" of rain in the last 2 weeks, which is half as much as we got in the 50 weeks before that. That was in the midst of ice storms, of course. I've spent the last 3 days listening to a virtual hailstorm as the ice fell off the cottonwood tree hanging over my house.
At this time of year in northern Ontario we average two feet of snow and temps around -20 , we have no snow and daytime temps are staying around
plus 4-6 degrees the lake and rivers are not frozen over yet !! and it's Jan 2.
...yet it has seemed colder than usual here in the desert. and then there were those blizzards in Colorado...
We still have snow on the damn ground.

Today the high here was in the lower 50's! The snow is finally melting off, and I can now walk on my driveway without falling on my ass!

Biggest problem here is that it hadn't gotten above freezing in a few weeks, so the snow turned into hard pack, and ice underneath.

It is 9:54 PM here now, and 40 degrees outside, and raining. Snow should be gone in the next few days. Temps forecast to hold through the weekend. :confused:
Are you guys nuts? Warmer?

We've had more snow and blizzard conditions than we've ever had in an entire winter. Early snows that lasted, back-to-back blizzards that dumped 2' of snow each, and more storms predicted.

We generally have a large snowstorm or two each year, but not until March or April. This time last year I was shopping for a convertible and riding my motorcycle (occationally).

Weather follows certain large patterns, but you have to look on a continental scale to see them. This year it's warmer in the eastern US and colder in the west. Ask the Australians about their "summer" -- they've seen some very cold weather.

Water temperature patterns in the Pacific, known as El Nino, will influence these changes. There is nothing catastrophic about them. They are cyclic and normal.
It's been a super mild winter so far here in Iowa. It makes me nervous. I have a feeling we're going to get hammered in Feb./March.
It is -3 F here in the frozen interior of Alaska. This is relatively "warm" it could be -40 or colder this time of year. It is supposed to drop down to -30 in a few days. There has been a definite warming trend in the north. I hope it continues. I do not know what is causing it but I do not think it is humans.
The biggest influence in our climate is ocean temperatures.
I have a feeling we're going to get hammered in Feb./March.

I noticed our winters in recent years seem to start later but so does spring. Although we had no snow here in NJ this season, it probably won't be really warm until May.

I've come across references to some of the other planets showing signs of "global warming" as well, which if true would indicate solar influence rather than human.
What we need out west is snow in the Rockies...you guys wouldn't believe how far the Hoover dam water level has dropped in the last five years.
Well, I do believe the river going on by is known as the Colorado...they need about 10+ more blizzards to get us out of this though. :(

too bad anything flowing out of Denver goes East.
Anyway, what do you care, ZH? There's plenty of liquor in Vegas to drink after the water runs out......

we have no snow in syracuse,was 59 yesterday and looks like it will be again today-

this is just plain wrong-but what do i know about global warming
Where I live it traditionally gets cold enough to frost in the morning but usually only for a few days , this winter has been colder with more days of frost.

The very real danger here in the Ag areas is premature blooming , I know everyone gets all happy (except me , I love winter :D ) when it gets warm early but that sudden rapid drop in temps can do a lot of damage.