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Win a free Talonite (r) knife

Jun 29, 1999
Here's the deal. We are promoting Talonite. The best way to do that is to
give away knives to real knife users. We are also promoting excellent knife
makers by paying for a knife from them and giving it away. The last one was
the Eric Wong / Tom Mayo knife in Talonite. We have also given away the
Simonich / Camillus knife also in Talonite, of course.

We have a new knife maker this time who may not be as well known as some of
the others who work in Talonite. I really like his designs and his
execution. He builds a very functional knife that is still simply very

He is Paul Reynolds in Georgia. www.paulknife.com
maimailto:paul@paulknife.com 678-432-8207

In this case he is considering a folder.

Paul has some question on exactly how this knife should be made. He asked
me since I am paying for it but I think that the people who might win it
should decide it. Read his post, contribute whatever you wish and we will
enter your name in a drawing for the knife.

A couple points. 1. When you enter could we have a legal name, shipping
address and a phone number or at least the means to contact you if you do
win. 2. If you are a knife maker and would like to do this please let me
know. 3. This is supposed it be simple, easy and fun. If you have any
problems let me know and we will try to work with you.

I think it should be mirror polished....
Well let's see.

1. The blade should be under 4 inches so it's legal pretty much every where.
2. It should have a finger guard of some sort at the base of the blade. Either the blade it self or the handle. Too protect my little fingers.

3. Maybe some friction grooves in the top of the blade.
4. Some type of back to basic's handle. Maple Burl or something. A high tech blade with an old fashion handle.

Thats all I have.

I went and visited his web site. I would like to see the #5 with a talonite blade.


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Tom, this sounds great, but could you be more specific ?

When you say "contribute what you want", do you mean $ or comments ? In this thread or e-mail to Paul ?
Sorry, I wasn't clear,

Just like the other contests. Enter if you wish simply by posting here or emailing us or any way you want to. Make any comments you wish or none at all. All we need is a name and a way to contact you if you win. Post in the thread or email tomwalz@email.msn.com

In a couple weeks we will close the contest and draw a winner. I will supply the Talonite® and pay Paul to make the knife, which will then go free to whoever the lucky winner is.

We pay for the knife, the shipping and we give you an 800 number to call us.


Personal to Tom Mayo: 1. Funny, Tom. We think it should be mirror polished also but, to date, no one knows how to do that or if it can be done. 2. Do you have a picture of the Mayo / Wong knife someplace? It is truly a gorgeous knife and gives an idea of what can be done with the alloy. 3. Don't know if I told you but our Mayo / Wong knife should be in a Bladeforums contest maybe in January. (I really hated to give it up but I promised.)
I think a talonite hunter is the way to go. A blade 3.5-4" long would be ideal. Something along the lines of a drop point design would be the best. I like the idea of a brass gaurd too. Stag ot stabelized wood would be my first choice for handle materials. Although it this would be a user, Micarta may be a better choice. Lanyard hole a must. I also like kydex for the sheath, especially if I were to carry this hunting. Thanks for the contest, I will e-mail my contact info shortly. Thanks

I think that it should have a 3.5" Drop point blade, Satin finished, Titanium Frame and Bolsters, Because I like bolsters
. PLAIN EDGE. I think that the handle should be Made out of Canvas Micarta. Of Liner lock design. Lanyard Hole.


I like the traditional look of Paul's Folder #1 but I would like to see a more secure grip. I suggest either adding finger grooves (preferrable) or, at least, a finger guard by extending the bottom of the front bolster. IMO, stag scales would improve both appearance & grip.

E-mail contact is bcaffrey@solcon.com & my full name is Brian Caffrey.


He who finishes with the most toys wins.
I'd like to see the handles out of that Desert Ironwood he's got on his site. Nice contrast between new and traditional materials.

Thanks for the contest!!

Definitely use Nickel Silver on my... er.. the winner's folder!

Karl Rejman
e-mail krejman@telusplanet.net

"Come What May..."
Oh, could you also ask Paul to drill the holes straight? Tom's TNT is nice but the $$ I was saving for one I spent on a giant 420j2 stainless steel from some chinese company only because the holes were drilled straight!

"Come What May..."
I'd say 3" drop point/spear point 1/8" thick with micarta, finger groove or choil. A dual thumbstud would be nice as well as kydex sheath. No bolsters.

One of the main benefits of talonite is the fact that it is completely corrosion resistant. If you are going with a talonite blade, you should use some other non corrosive materials. I would suggest a design similar to "da spike" with more of a rounded drop point blade, and a way to open it one handed, disk looks like it would work best on that knife as opposed to a stud or hole. I think the knife would be very nice with a thumb disk for opening, aluminum, or titanium liners, nice micarta scales, and some decorative pins.
Desert ironwood handles with 4" reverse tanto blade

I'd like to see a blade about 3.5 inches, full flat ground, blade as thin as you can make it and and still be rigid, drop point. I like micarta for a handle material.


David Rock
I got lots of ideas!!!
1. How bout a nice 4" closed stockman with warncliff main blade, and the usual other blade. nice maple burl hanlde.

Nice, 5" closed lockback with warncliff main blade, nice handle like maple burl, something like that.

Small, 3" black lockback, spear point or once again, warncliff blade, nice handles.

Yes, I like warncliffs!!!!

A lot of the production folding knives are a junky steel at the lower price range and the customs and production ones in the higher price ranges are very nice, but hard to get.

I think a dressy folder, whether it is lockback or stockman, in talonite would be a great daily carry knife for everyday use and daily cutting chores. A nice, dressy stabilized wood handle makes the knife look nicer, so it doesnt scare people like the tactical blade, 4" folders that are out there. I prefer a very strong liner lock like the MT LCC or Vector or kestrel. Or a lockback is always nice!

I am a newbie hobby maker, i would help out with this project, but I am jsut learning how to grind and everything and am at college most of the year and can't grind in my room...roomies got a little mad when I asked them if they would mind.

Oh well, enough rambling...I want to see a nice, dressy evberyday carry folder, either lockback, or stockman style!! and a warncliff blade with some slight belly!!!!

Oh yeah, my name..

Tim Johnson
tazham1835@hotmail.com or tjohnson@ycp.edu

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Let's see, the folder should be:

4" blade, since that is the legal limit in most states.

Handles should be durable, Ti liner lock or maybe intergal liner lock.

Heat treated povit 1/4" thick, heat treated stop pin, detent. Bronze washers. Lanyard hold, Instead of micarta or g-10 back spacer you could have Aluminium or Ti spacer pins. This will make cleaning the folder easier.

The blade should have an intregal guard to protect the user such as on the Carson M-16, Onion Boa. One hand opening and closing with the use of the flipper would be a plus. Ti or stainless pocket clip attached on the butt end of the handle would make opening and closing quicker.

The blade should be of a design useful for everyday task instead of a specialized task. Drop point, reverse tanto( which is a sheepfoot with some belly). Blade thickness should be 3/16 on this heavy duty folder.

Man I hope I win this.
Follow The Path of Fantasies.

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Considering the weight of Talonite you should drill out the handle on fixed blade designs to lighten it up.

Jeff Jenness
I'm not sure y'all are answering from the point of view of a FOLDER, which is what was said he was doing.

For me, I would like to see something a little more modern than the ones Paul has on his site. they look to me like Buck 110's.

I'm thinking drop point, bolster-less handle slabs of wood or micarta. Thumb disk.
A drop point hunter with about a 4 inch blade and micarta handles would be my suggestion.