WIP Wednesdays

I would favor a business that only would take money for something that actually can deliver within a reasonable time for the use intended. To me, hanging up hundreds on a knife with no delivery date is silly compared to putting that money either into reducing debt, or investing in a simple CD with at least some return level (or, imagine this, buying something that will be delivered).
Because they don't have the ability.

Respectfully disagree. They simply choose not to.

I bet if the owner went on the Shark Tank show and stated his problem is too much demand, he would get more money than to shake a stick at with supply issues solved in a month (if not a week).
In my experience people who can do and people who can't don't.
Also in my experience, increasing output doesn't cost anything.
Probably for the next few years you'll be treated to photos of pre-order GSOs being boxed for shipping.
Oh yeah, the GSO 6, I have an order in for one of those, too. :D
If they would have asked me ahead of time I would have definitely said to hold that model handle in a standard grip, buy nobody asks me!

From what we saw, I'm liking the length. Man, I'm really looking forward to that one.