Wish me luck my friends.

Feb 15, 2012
If you guys are in an extremely unstable marriage and she is hanging with other men (cheating?) getting out of the relationship will probably be better for your kids.

Take this from a guy who is 19 - My parents divorced when I was one. My dad remarried. Three or so years ago my step mom cheated on him, they've fought a LOT since then. My 14 year old little sister (who was their child, not my moms) wants them to get a divorce as she can see they should not be together. They, as far as the rest of the family can tell, are staying together "for my little sister". It's hurting her, and my dad and step mom, way more than it would if they just got a divorce. Sometimes it's for the best.

If divorce brings your children out of a toxic environment; it will do more good than harm. I can vouch for that. Please don't feel remorse for ending your marriage. Your kids will understand when they're older, if they don't already.
Feb 18, 2010
I truly wish you the best of luck! This is quite possibly the hardest thing in life to have to go through. I would not wish this on anyone. You have been given lots of good advice from lots of wise people and friends here. My tidbit of humble advice is to remain patient and don't jump right into divorce. These things are always two sided(albeit one side is more to blame). Get the book the five love languages and read it. Try and get you and her to a GOOD marriage counselor. If she won't go then get yourself a GOOD one. Don't be afraid to talk to a good attorney and find out what the best options are if things are not working out. Simple things can make a huge difference when it comes to custody. Don't let your anger or pride get you to do something stupid. And above all do what is best for the kids. That means talking care of yourself also. My heart felt prayers are with you my friend!
Nov 3, 1998
I've been through a few hard breakups.

Life is too short to be unhappy, and if your romantic relationship is your primary source of stress, it needs to change, even if that change is an end.

Remember your obligation is to do right by your children and yourself. Once you part ways with your wife, you have no obligation to care for her. If you provide for her, you empower her to not have to provide for herself. Just something to consider~ my last wife was like this, too.

May 18, 1999
If we do split up we will share custody 50 50. No worries there thankfully. That has always been clear and understood. No child support or alamony ect. We would just sign divorce papers, I'll take my stuff, she'll keep her stuff, and share the kids. That is one thing I respect her for she dosen't want to keep my kids from me. I just want my wife to appreciate the fact that I am a devoted husband and father which is hard to come by nowadays. Things always work out for the better in the end. Just takes time.

I'm posting this on the off chance that DiscusMan paid attention to some of the earlier posts advising him how to get online without a PC/computer... :cool: :)

DiscusMan if, and/or, when, y'all break up permanently you'll probably discover there's a helluva lot more you Don't Know than you Do Know about permanent breakups, ie, divorce...
Unfortunately it's almost always that the woman that wins out no matter what she's done simply because she's the mother... You'll probably no doubt learn the truths about, "Child Support" and other means of support. :( :grumpy:

And believe it or not you'll be amazed at the amount of men that are devoted husbands and fathers that are married too women exactly like your wife. :eek: :(
And last but not least you'll probably find out when it comes to divorce, child support, custody, and visitation rights that, Things DO NOT Always Work Out For The Better In The End.

If you ever feel the need to talk with someone that's been there, done that, and ate the freakin tee shirt just drop me an email, best way to get a hold of me!:thumbup: :cool: :D
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