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WTS Titanium Anodizing Kit - like new w/ extras

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Apr 3, 2011
Hey guys. Prior SPF fell through so I am re-listing this. Since I got out of anodizing Ti I am selling everything you will need to be up and running from day 1 (other than the distilled water lol) to get even high voltage bright colors. Everything in the pictures is included:

  • SMT Micro Anodizer 110-120 volts; 50/60Hz main unit w/ all power cords and leads
  • 2 Niobium wires (niobium gives better color transfer than Ti wires... these are used in the electrolyte bath itself for the coloring) one has already been prepped and is ready to go, the other would need to be taken to the highest voltage so as to not take away color from the work piece. These will last forever and you should never need to replace.
  • Titanium wire (for use w/ the multi-etch. Multi-etch will slowly eat away at the ti wires so you will have to replace these after a while but I've got enough to last you years in this kit!)
  • TSP Electrolyte granules - mostly full box (gives great color)
  • Multi-etch granules - used for etching the ti during prep for the anodizing itself. This is a partially full bag (maybe half full - a little goes a long way!)
  • A roll of stainless steel sheet metal that is used for the cathode (in the electrolyte solution)
  • 2 electrolyte bath containers that are in great shape. These container are about 6 inches deep and 4.5" across. These are set up for a strong and weak electrolyte solution (when I was playing around w/ different concentrations) but you can use one of these for your multi-etch solution if you wish. These containers were purchased at Wal-Mart and the lids seal shut and are spill proof. They already have the cathode in place and the Spark Guard Mesh in place to prevent your work piece from contacting the cathode.
  • All user and operator manuals for this equipment

Asking sold net to me which will include shipping to your door in the United States. I will ship world wide if you pay for the additional shipping.

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If you would consider separating the power unit (just bought the PU recently)...from the ano materials, shoot me a price for all the ano stuff.

Thanks, ELPoole
This sold, sorry this was the older thread I forgot about, the newer thread I marked sold in.
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