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WTT: BM813 .. for BNIB Kershaw Blur?

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Aug 17, 2001
Blur has now been TRADED

I'm sort of in a downsizing phase at the moment (maybe MLC .. who knows?) and am looking at smaller PE knives with ~3" blades ... like the BM813 (Mini TSEK). I already have a BM814 (Mini AFCK) and like the look of the Mini TSEK's blade shape. It would make a nice compliment I think. I see plenty of discussion wrapped around the BM805/BM806 but these are way tooooo big for my current preferences.

I have a totally BNIB (black) Kershaw Blur, which has never been used, that I would like to trade.

Anyone feel like a change?

Other options? (Already have a Calypso Jr, Native and Mini Griptilian. Traded the Delica .. but I'm sure you get the picture eh.)

Thanks a bunch.


(Heard the BM705 was going out of production .. is this the same fate that awaits the BM813?)