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WTT Graham Razel Midtech

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Feb 8, 2014

I would like to trade my Graham Razel Midtech. Knife it's located in Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Some photos of the knife. I have the pouch that came with the knife. SUPER SMOOTH, no blade play, blade centered, all perfect.




Why I want to trade it? I like it, but maybe you have a knife to offer me that I would like to try... hehehe. Please understand that there are some knives out there that maybe are not my taste, so If you offer me a knife to trade and I say no, don't take it bad

If you have a Grayman Satu DLC TI-TI... we have a deal

If we arrive to an agreement, I can send the knife within 24hours by Russian Post Express. Last time I've sent a knife to USA, was just 7 days on the way

If there are not interesting offers, maybe I'll keep the knife