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WTT-Koster Nessmuk

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May 4, 2010
***THIS IS TRADED***I have new unused Koster Nessmuk 3/16' thick in '01, flat ground with cocobolo handles that I'm looking to trade. Awesome knife but I also have a few knives in this style as it is and I'm looking to diversify. Sheath made by me and it's nothing fancy or super quality but it will function.

I'm open for trades, Fiddlebacks, Koster, JK, Swamprat, Scrapyard, etc.. I'm also in the market for a Wetterlings or Gransfor Bruks hunters axes in the 19' to 24' range. Thanks, Trevor~
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I have a custom Kephart by frank aguirre. If your interested please shoot me an email.
Bowden, can you send me a pic?

Mdsmith, I'm good on slipjoints right now and I'm really looking to trade for a fixed blade.

Fish, I sent you a message with my email.
markv sent you an email

cmdionne, can you send some pics and some specs on the blades, could be an option on one of them. thanks~
Thanks Killstew but nothing there I need or desire. I would consider an automatic watch as well.
the only way to send an image of the JK Kephart is a real crappy epson scanner .
i will send an image via email to you.
thanks for your reply
Sure, do you have any pics and specs on the knife?

As an added note, I'm currently looking for an automatic watch with tritium lights that I could sweeten the trade with other knives or cash as well. Thanks~