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WTT---NIB---MINTY--Microtech Knives Black Scarab S/E Automatic OTF D/A Knife---

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by GIZMOMAN, Mar 20, 2017.


    GIZMOMAN ""Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions"" Platinum Member

    Mar 12, 2003
    ======================FOR TRADE===========================

    Microtech Knives Black Scarab S/E Automatic OTF D/A Knife


    Automatic Action Double Action (D/A)
    Blade Finish Stonewashed
    Blade Length (in) 3.44 inches
    Blade Shape Standard
    Blade Steel ELMAX
    New Condition Yes
    Used Condition No
    Glassbreaker Yes
    Handle Color OD Green
    Handle Inserts Grip Tape
    Handle Material Aluminum
    Action Type Automatic Out-the-front (OTF)
    Maker Microtech Knives
    Maker's Model Microtech Scarab
    Overall Length (in) 8.64 inches
    Pocket Clip Yes
    Pocket Clip Orientation Tip-Down
    Production Type Manufactured
    Serrations Plain Edge
    ================================================== ==============
    This has been out of box..in my pocket about 6-8 times
    Opened and closed perhaps 10 times
    Spring is strong and ""Worked in very Nicely""

    This is for the most part NEW
    Comes with everything you see in pictures

    ***I reserve the right to TRADE to whom I choose to ..Without explaining my choices***

    Open to offers but looking specifically for
    HINDERER MP-I (With Micarta Scales-No All TI models)

    Open to other folders NIB ONLY
    No multiples
    No serrated
    No fixed blades
    1 knife and $CASH$

    $$ Your way or mine..

    Directions and process is simple..

    Payment is due IMMEDIATELY via PayPal ONLY If balance is owed on your end...With in agreed time frame through
    email contact only..NOT PMs...Or Visitors messages
    I dont play games and I done expect the person I may be dealing with to either.

    USA Trades ONLY


    If you have "LESS THAN 10 Positive Feedbacks--You ship FIRST no exceptions.If your trade is not what you described.I will ship back..ON YOUR DIME and the potential trade is null and void..

    Trade offer must be sent to me via email posted in this thread below
    Please include pictures--full description of knife and your ID here in BladeForums

    Email me DIRECT ONLY Please with offers and if you would like this knife
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017

    GIZMOMAN ""Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions"" Platinum Member

    Mar 12, 2003
    :thumbup: Still Here :thumbup:

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