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Xiaomi CIGA Design Automatic Mechanical Watch with Double-sided Hollow Design

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Jul 25, 2018
The Xiaomi CIGA design mechanical watch uses a Seagull AAA custom ST2551JK movement to provide precise and accurate time keeping. The watch is fabricated from selected 316L steel, giving it a very solid finishing. The watch uses 22mm straps. On the top, it carries a 1.3mm sapphire glass, which comes just after diamond on the hardness scale. It is built as a hollow model, the design focuses on the innovative interior.

Product Features:
● Transparent back cover design, to show the internal structure of the movement and superb technology, so that your time at your fingertips.

● The case designed with Bezier curve, specially selected 316L steel, with an IP ion plating process, which makes the gloss more full and wear resistant.

● High-quality sapphire crystal, high wear and strong impact resistance, glossy translucent, beautiful and practical.

● Seagull AAA automatic mechanical movement, frequency 21600 times/hour, 19 sapphire gemstones, more than 40 hours of power storage, each movement has passed 4 inspection tests, which is unique to CIGA design.

● The needle pointer and its movement are more rhythmic, with added reflective tips so that the design is more refined and prominent.

● The combination of rivets on the back of the mechanical aesthetic design, the traditional mechanical aesthetics and fashion integration, to a new height of aesthetics.

● The standard steel braid is used to optimize the plating process, lenthening the plating time to increase the thinkness of the coating, and making the strap more wear-resistant.

Xiaomi CIGA machanical watch is a true classic in a modern arrangement. This is a great accessory for those who do not want to see electronics on their wrist, but at the same time keeps up with the times: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-ciga-design-mechanical-watch-full-hollow.html

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The entire system of Xiaomi Youpin Nanoleaf smart light plate is fully customizable, it is composed of 4 panels, each panel has a triangular shape, can perform multiple shapes or patterns. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home and other smart home platforms, it is easy to achieve voice control after connection. Each triangle has 16 million colors, and with the dedicated apps, you can assign them different colors and brightness. As the fingertip moves, the color begins to flow.

Product Features:
● The modular design of the triangular plate allows you to distinguish it from the ordinary light bulb at the first sight.
● It is like the building blocks and the jigsaw puzzle, can be put together into the shape you want, to stimulate the artist in your heart.
● Each smart illuminating board has 16 million colors, through the intelligent control of the APP, you can adjust the brightness according to different usage requirements, stepless adjustment, color temperature, brightness and intensity change.
● Inserting the connecting piece easily connects the light board, and the installation and disassembly become so simple.
● Connect to the rhythm sound instrument, the odd light board can show every song you like through the dance of the light, feel the rhythm of the radiance.
● Using Cortex-M4 high-speed chip, 50ms speed response, simultaneous interaction of light and music.
● Energy saving, good light efficiency, longer lasting.

Xiaomi Youpin Nanoleaf smart light plate can not only light up your colorful life, the modular design also gives new improvements to your work space, leisure or rest with visually endless possibilities for shape, light and color: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-youpin-nanoleaf-green-noble-smart-plate-4pk-updated-version.html

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AWEI AK9 wireless earphone adopts intelligent magnetic switch design, built-in Hall switch, separation and absorption for automatic power on/off, without any button operation. Bluetooth 4.1 enables the headset to pair with smartphones instantly, and can connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear for a long time, the shark fin ear hook that fit to human ear contour line's make sure the headset steadily. CVC6.0 intelligent noise cancelling reduces outside noises, provides perfect shocking sound quality. With IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof design, it is the best choice when you doing sports or running.

Product Features:
● Full metal body, deep anodizing process. Magnesium-aluminum alloy body with CNC diamond cutting process, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.
● Built-in magnet switch, headset can be automatically on/off when the are magnet separate/attract, no need any key operation.
● Built-in magnets makes the two earphones attached together when not using, can be worn like a necklace around neck, convenient to carry.
● Bluetooth 4.1 technology, easy and fast pairing with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth enabled music devices.
● Can connect with two bluetooth devices at the same time, and automatically connects after being paired successfully for the first time.
● CSR4.1 audio decode technology, offers perfect sound.
● CVC6.0 intelligent noise cancelling, provides clearer microphone sound.
● Vibration alert on incoming call, allows you answer the phone anytime and anywhere.
● Voice command for picking up/rejecting calls.
● Calls hands-free, drive travel more at ease, so you can enjoy your driving.
● Dual battery 130mAh capacity, 10 hours play time with full charge.
● Support iOS system power display, know the remaining power at any time.
● IPX4 waterproof technology, which prevented sweat, rain or water from permeating electrical components.

Multicolors as options, colorful and fashionable, the active appearance delivers irresistible beauty: https://gearvita.com/awei-ak9-wireless-sports-bluetooth-earphone.html

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The Sonoff Touch smart switch is a one way WiFi sensitive control luxury crystal glass panel wall switch. It can be paired with iOS/Android APP eWeLink via WiFi, allowing you to remotely turn on/off connected LED and lights from anywhere at any time, makes your home appliances smart in 1 second. eWeLink can works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can use Alexa to control your home devices with simple commands. With this touch light switch, you can check real-time light status on your smartphones. The LED backlight lets you easily find and turn on the lights at night.

Product Features:
● APP Remote Control
Control electrical devices anywhere at any time, as long as smartphone has network.

● Voice Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
eWeLink works seamlessly with AI artificial intelligence, operated by your voice commands, makes the operation more convenient and more intelligent

● Intelligent Time Control
Set timing schedules to intelligently manage your time and home appliances, includes countdown, single, repeat, delay and loop timer, can set max 8 groups of timer setting.

● One-key Sharing
Support multi-player control, one switch can be controlled by multi phones by share function and one phone can control several switch.

● Network Off Work Function
The timer setting can work as usual even if the network is shutting down, but the device must keep power on.

● Scene Or Smart Scene Management
Turn on/off a gang of devices with one simple tap, also you can set smart scenes to trigger on/off the device automatically.

● Premium Quality
Made of flame-resistant ABS shell and 2mm toughened glass panel, ensures a good durability. Luxury and fashion design can be well fit into most houses with different decorate style.

Do you often come back home very late and the house was darkness? Now you have SONOFF Touch remote control switch which can turn on the light in advance, welcome the warmth of family. Do you always forgetting to switch off light, air-condition, TV, or other house equipments? SONOFF supports multiple ways of controlling via free app to solve your daily problems perfectly and instantly. Upgrade your home with this modern, fashionable alternative to traditional light switches: https://gearvita.com/sonoff-touch-smart-wifi-wall-switch.html

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