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Xiaomi ZMI HA832 Portable Charger - 3-Port Output, 65W Large Power, Fast Charging

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Jul 25, 2018
This Xiaomi ZMI HA832 portable charger adopts imported chip and ensures stable, fast and efficient charging without damage to your devices. It features 3-port output, including one USB-C and two USB-A ports, allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time, convenient and practical. The charger supports 100-240V voltage, suitable for most countries all over the world.

Product Features:
● Imported Chip
Comes with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, electromagnetic protection, which ensures stable, fast and efficient charging without damage to your devices.

● 3-Port Output
Including one USB-C and two USB-A ports, allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time, so convenient and practical.

● 65W Large Power
Single USB-C port output 45W (max), single USB-A port output 20W (max), and supports dual fast charge output.

● Fast Charge Function
Compatible devices with PD fast charge technology such as Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi Air Notebook, iPhone X, iPhone 8 series, iPad Pro, Switch, MacBook, etc, fast and efficient.

● Wide Voltage Range
Supports 100-240V voltage, covering the range of city network voltage standards in most parts of the world, making travel more convenient.

● High Quality Material
The shell is made of PC material with matte finished, beautiful and durable.

● Compact and Lightweight Design
Mini and exquisite, portable and easy to carry with you.

● Strong Compatibility
Widely compatible with most smart digital devices on the market, such as smartphones, tablet, notebook computer, etc.

What you need in a charger with high mobility, high capacity, support fast charging or good compatibility, the ZMI HA832 charger will be a good choice, fully meeting the above requirements: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-zmi-ha832-65w-qc-pd-portable-charger.html

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Xiaomi Sothing Sunny night light features a very elegant design, the brightness is between 40 to 50 lumens, with 3 different modes of operation. The 500mAh battery can be recharged via USB, will provide a range of up to 20 hours activation time. It comes with motion sensor which is an automatic mode, it will turn on when someone passes by and turns off after 20 seconds. In addition, it has the possibility of being able to separate from the main body of the support and thus to take it where we want.

Product Features:
● Separating Magnetic Design
Connecting the foundation with the lamp by magnetic, without bolt. Using the "two points positioning" design to keep the inductor in the front always.

● 500mAh Internal Battery
Normal use can charge for 4-6 months at a time, always bright for 20 hours, waiting for wake up at any time.

● Intellisense
The sensor's effective range is 0-3 meters and the angle is 120°. The night light will turn on and keep 20 seconds when people walks by, and after 20 seconds, it will turn off automatically.

● Double Smart Inductor
Built in light sensor and PIR sensor.

● 3 Working Mode
ON/OFF/Auto, 3 working mode adjustable.

● Alete Mucilage Glue
Suit for all kind of slippy wall and furniture.

If you want a night light, you can not miss this new Xiaomi Sothing Sunny night light. It is available in two different colors, really a wonderful light: https://gearvita.com/xiaomi-sothing-sunny-smart-induction-night-light.html

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The Awei AK5 Bluetooth earphone uses 6mm copper ring coils, strong rubidium boron magnets and high class carbon fiber diaphragms, deliver deep low frequency, solid medium frequency, more abundant high frequency details. Vacuum ear cushions gently sit in the auricle and do not press under prolonged use, durable flat cable does not interfere with movements. Magic magnet attraction design makes you no need to worry about it would slid down. Built-in microphone, you can receive calls without interrupting your favorite business, the microphone transmits high-quality sound without interference and noise. With the long battery life, it can play music for 10 hours, and calling for 12 hours. Thanks to its IPX4 waterproof performance, you are able to enjoy sports with passion, no fear of sweat and rain.

Product Features:
● Multiple Process Metal Appearance
Popular metal materials through anodizing, Seiko sandblasting, CNC cutting and other processes create deep polished fashion earphones.

● Enthusiasts Class Sound Quality
6mm metal strong magnetic unit, 92dB ± 3dB high sensitivity of the horn, super bass, clear high frequency, HD music strong explosive, bilateral surround cavity structure gives the ears of 360° surround stereo sound effect.

● Comfortable to Wear
Food-grade silicone ear caps and fit to human ear contour line's shark fin ear hook, snug and secure, effectively enhance the wearing stability.

● Magnet Attraction Design
Gently absorb or separate to turn the earphones on/off, abandon traditional button, novel and simple. Connect two earphones easily, hanging on neck like a necklace when not in use, avoid loss.

● Fast Connection
With Bluetooth 4.1 technology is faster than other devices, the transmission distance is up to 10m, perfect compatibility with all Bluetooth devices.

● Intelligent Connection
Supports connect two phones simultaneously, and automatically connects after being paired successfully for the first time.

● CVC Noise Reduction
Automatic noise reduction function effectively reduces the noise of the call environment, provides high-definition call quality even on the street or inside shopping mall.

● On-ear Control
Intuitive and easy controls for freely switching and pausing/playing songs, the built-in mic for effortless call handling, avoid removing earphones from ears or dealing with tangles wires.

● Long Battery Life
Dual battery innovative design, built-in 2 × 65mAh li-ion battery, offers 10 hours of playing time and up to 240 hours standby time with a full charge in around 2 hours. If connected with iPhone, the residual electricity can be displayed in iOS system, convenient for you to charge im time.

● IPX4 Waterproof
Through IPX4 waterproof Khan test, suitable for different exercise environments, whether it's sweaty in the gym or cloudy and rainy, the outdoor long-distance race.

Awei AK5 earphone is perfect sport earphone provides pure stereo sound and powerful bass, the stylish look is sure to suit everyone. Let the beautiful music silkily fall in ears and keep in memories: https://gearvita.com/awei-ak5-sports-bluetooth-earphone.html

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