Yet another, what knife? Question!

Aug 8, 1999
Dang General, you UK guy have my sympathy! You have to worry about legality when you are camping!? I'm sure somebody can give me a horror story, but generally in the U.S. in camp situations, we are allowed to take any knife. The only restrictions would be in non-automatic states, double edged blades etc. length per se would not be an issue.


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Nov 23, 1999
Hmmmm... I'd probably say either the BM 710 or 750, both in 154CM, and both partially serrated. Most likely the 750. In both instances, the serrations, which are difficult to sharpen but rarely need sharpening (because of the way they are designed to cut) lie in the portion of the recurve that is the hardest to sharpen. So now you have something to saw with and you don't really need to worry about sharpening it. With either of them, you have the option of doing what sharpening you can on the plain edge, and with the 750 you have a decent amount of belly to work with on the smooth portion of the blade.

Now I have to figure out why I don't have a Benchmade 750...
**wanders off mumbling to self**

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Jun 6, 2000
Ant, it is not so much the being out camping as the going and returning whilst having such a collection on me.

I wore the Ka-Bar on my belt a little while ago last summer. Well I visited Conwy to buy a can of Coke. Remember that I had my Bergen on my back with all the bits. Well I was stopped on the high street by a police man who started quizing me about the 'huge' knife I was carrying in a public place.

Manhole cover/fifty pence piece, manhole cover/fifty pence piece!

I had forgoten that my D2 Ka-Bar was strapped there! To cut a long story short, I did not want this officer looking at a razor sharp combat knife and deciding to make an issue of it. I quickly explained that I had been camping over the weekend and it was for camp use in place of an axe and pocket knife. I very quickly removed my belt and placed the knife in the top pocket of my Bergen and apologized for still having it at my side. He went on for about two mins about why it is not funny to carry a big knife in a public place, but he would overlook it this time as I had a fair reason to have it and did not look like I was causing trouble. He then told me that a member of the public had run to the station to make a complaint about a big chap with a 'massive knife' in a local shop. This he explained was why he got involved. He explained that while I had not broken the letter of the Law I had broken the spirirt of the Law. As I had an obvious and fair reason for having the knife this was not the issue, it was having it on promanent display that was the issue. He said in future keep it out of sight and be sensible. I think he made quite valid points, my knife was big and to a sheeple became a sword in size. I don't like the fact that others become frightened of a Cricket or AFCK, but, they are the majority, we are a SMALL group and aught to respect the sensiblities of the masses (and keep it outa sight

If I in future carry an axe, Leatherman Super Tool, M2 Nimravious and ONE folder then I am less likely to get **** like this.

One folder aught to be enough to be a great tool wherever. What am I carrying now? My 750.

One hell of a knife!


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