you know your a spydie addict when...

Feb 12, 2001
(Feel free to add to it, this is just my thoughts)

1> you have more knives than days in the week
2> you have more knives than pockets
3> you have more knives on you than limbs
4> your knives have a shrine going in your room/house
5> you try to test an edge and end up going to your legs due to lack of arm hair
6> your arms(and legs, see #5) are in a continual state of "vari-hair"
7> you have enough sharpening equipment to achive #5 and #6 that you may as well start giving free gifts and lessons to the general public ***walks up to a complete stranger "good day sir, let me how you this wonder..." ***
8> you start making this list
9> you have your email as "" (go ahead and check my profile)
10> you memorize the books and info for the entire lineup, and don't even sell them
.....99% of the knives you own are Spydies. :cool: ;)

(My other one percent is an Emerson LaGriffe.:D)
you leave 2 chris reeves on the dresser and put a spydie in your pocket.
You know you're a spydie addict when you can name a spydie that you don't own from a picture that shows it partially. Extra point for guessing the correct steel.
learn to draw, from concealment, the Delica/Endura in .03 sec. with your weak hand (after reversing the clip position, of course).hehe ( time is fictional)
You can starting naming spyide by sku number and not by name. Such as c07 is a police and c36 is a millie.

Can tell a what spyide someone is carry by the outline that it makes in someones pocket.
When you get excited about seeing a Spydie in a movie, then annoy the other people who are watching the movie by freeze framing it to identify the model...:D
I think you're a spydie addict when you don't even own one and you spend 99% of your day learning about them in this forum. ;)

But then again, I must agree that tarsier has an excellent point.
...When you already own 3 Police models (and a mini-Police Tie-Tac), and you are still wanting another one...(a "lefty" serrated model).:).
You have a dedicated dresser drawer just for your spydies.:eek:

(That really pisses off my wife!!!!:mad::grumpy: )
you got one in each pocket and they all got names.


when you can relate to this thread:D :D :D
When they cost twice as much over here, you can never get the custom or numbered ones, yet you still manage to acquire 15 of them so far :-(
Originally posted by ricojrossi
When you are not sure exactly how many spydies you have - over 100. rr
Or you lost count cause either some of them are being fixed/sharpened, or sheathed, or coming in by mail ;)
I've got a new one!
When you manage to shave your beard with a Navigator, without cutting yourself! ;)
when someone says:
"is that a mouse in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

and you say:
"it's a Mouse"