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Your creativity is needed...

Discussion in 'Swamp Rat Knives' started by JenniferBusse, May 24, 2003.

  1. Tohatchi NM

    Tohatchi NM

    Mar 26, 2002
    Steven's Post took the forum to 4000 total!
  2. tknife

    tknife Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 18, 1999
    Once you enter the Swamp, you'll never leave.
  3. alphamaniv

    alphamaniv Banned BANNED

    Sep 20, 2001
    We've got the "rat" stuff.

    Rats need love too.

    I've got rat fever.
  4. Steven Roos

    Steven Roos

    Jun 29, 2002
    Cool. Looks like the Swamp is becoming one of the bigger manufacturer forums around here.
  5. BillyJoeBob


    Sep 30, 2002
    These rats have bite!

    At night the Rats come out!

    I've got Swamp Rat fever! (a la AlphamanIV)

    Customer Service Representative (Me likes too)

    The teeth on these (Swamp) Rats are sharp!

    Swamp Rats: Darwin was right

    Some knife companies claim they are sharp. Swamp Rats are sharp!

    Swamp Rats: The other forest creatures cower in fear!

    BJB :D
  6. Briar_Wolf


    Mar 12, 2003
    I don't know why, but I keep thinking of the old Blues song lyric:
    "Gonna drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log."
  7. RokJok


    Oct 6, 2000
    - Tough Rats finish last.
    - No wimps in the Swamp.
    - I'm looking for a woman like my knife - sharp, tough, easy to handle, and cheap.
    - Ask me how to get Rat Tough.
    - Prove your love - beat your Rat.
    - Rats thrive on tough love!
    - (on shirt front)The last Rat standing... (on back) WINS!!
    - No hurry. No worry. Rats on duty.
    - When in doubt, whip your Rat out!
    - This Rat lasts!
    - Swamp Rat Knives: where 'tough' was born.
    - When it's time for fun, reach for SR101.
    - A beaten on Rat is a happy Rat.
    - Swamp Rat - when you dare give the very best.
    - Make your way to the Swamp!
    - Lead the evolutionary pack - go with a Rat!
    - Spank Your Rat!
    - Get a Rat -- Bend it, beat it, never defeat it.
    - Got chop?
    - Come to the Swamp and leave the competition behind.
    - Don't get mad...get a Rat.
    - Swamp Rat Knives are cheaper AND better.
    - Swamp Rat Knives - The Competitive Edge!
    - Swamp Rat Knives - The Competitor's Edge!
    - (on front)Sharpen your edge! (on back) Get a Swamp Rat Knife!
    - Given a choice, I'll take a Swamp Rat Knife.
    - Hi-speed & Lo-drag? Keep a Rat in your bag.
    - That thing on my leg IS a Rat.
    - No mercy in the Swamp.
    - My best friend is a Rat.
    - This Rat is ready to roll!
    - Uncivilized Rat
    - The hotter the swamp, the cooler a Rat gets.
    - Gnaw-ty tee-shirt (on shirt with rat-chewed looking holes in it)
  8. DarkReazon


    Jan 15, 2003
    my meager contributions...

    Born in the Swamp
    And tough as Hell

    Big, mean, and tough as Hell? Yup.

    Warning : Rats may bite. HARD!

    Rats are tough SR101


    (anyone else familiar with the GNU naming conventions? :eek:)


  9. DaveH


    Dec 2, 1999
    Cute. Tough.
  10. idahoskunk

    idahoskunk Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 10, 2002
    STINKY :eek:
  11. Zal


    Mar 25, 2003
    Ack! You summoned the swamp skunk!

    *brandishes two cans of air fresheners*

    Back, back!

    *squirts the pleasant scent toward Idahog.*
  12. idahoskunk

    idahoskunk Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 10, 2002
    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  13. WTFOver

    WTFOver Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 21, 2000
    I like the CSR idea. Maybe even:

    Customer Service Representative
    Authorized Warranty Claims Specialist
  14. golok


    Oct 20, 2000
    The Fringe Benefits are Awesome

    This Rat's Not Turning Back

    Swamp Rat swings
    back to the Front

    The Front's just
    as good looking!

    Swamp Rat won't turn
    its back on you.

    This Rat is a
  15. Burchtree

    Burchtree KnifeMaker & Moderator Moderator

    Mar 15, 2002
    "My knife can beat up your knife."

    "once you go Rat, you never go back."

    "Unforgiving, Untouchable, Unbreakable"

    "Trap this"

    "Enter the Swamp"

    "Rats are Nasty -- Swamp Rats are worse."

    "Swamp Rat Knives -- Rodents with a BITE."

    "Swamp Rat Knives -- Now with 20% less Rabies."

    "I've got Rabies."

    "Get Infested"

    "Cut more than just Cheese."

    Okay things are just getting cheesy now. If any of these have already been said, sorry about it.

  16. Burchtree

    Burchtree KnifeMaker & Moderator Moderator

    Mar 15, 2002
    "Life's a Rat Race -- Lead the Pack"

    "The Rat Race just got Tougher"
  17. arnisador


    May 13, 2003
    This Rat bites back
  18. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999
    Beyond the Rat Race - Swamp Rat

  19. JenniferBusse


    Oct 21, 2002
    Thanks for all of your submissions guys. They are great and we have nearly figured out which one we're going to use.

  20. DaveH


    Dec 2, 1999
    Danger: RAT BITES!

    Rat Bites administered free of charge.

    Meaner than a junkyard dog!

    The knives your special forces survival instructor wanted you about!

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