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Your favorite on-line knife stores

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May 9, 2001
So what are your favorite on-line places to buy knives?

Please include links!
True North knives, Knife Art, Arizona Custom Knife, Plaza Cutlery (they are local to me).

Btw this should be in TGBU (the good, the bad and the ugly) subforum :thumbup:, you can also find references on shops and individuals over there.
The only delays that I have ever encountered from either Knifeworks or New Graham were the result of my placing preorders on sprint run knives, specifically the Camillus CUDA MAXX 7", the Spydie Calypso Jr. w/ ZDP-189 blade, and the Spydie Delica 4 with the ZDP-189 blade. In all three cases, it was the direct result of the company taking a long time to get the knives into production and shipped, over two years in the case of the CUDA MAXX 7", and the communications were all that I could have sought.
I've ordered twice from New Graham and once from Smokey Mountain Knifeworks. Everything arrived in a timely fashion. I particularly like New Graham.
I'm a new graham frequent flyer. Never had a problem with them. Same goes for Neil at True North Knives.
I like Randy from Savson,Neil from TNK,Scott from Autumns Edge,Julie from Arizona Custom Knives,Pam from Plaza Cutlery,Todd from 2theHilt.All are super people to deal with. All professionals all the way...