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Jul 23, 2015
This thread is about words or phrases that are used incorrectly by people all the time. If you are certain of the correct usage, feel free to share words or sayings that you always notice when people use them incorrectly, and some background about the correct usage. And yes I realize that as a certain usage, even incorrect, gains popularity, it becomes more and more accepted until it is considered correct. But that doesn't mean we have to like it.

If these types of things bug you or make you face palm a little, but you don't want to harp on anyone, you can use this thread as a healthy way to get it off your chest. It's not a thread to berate anyone for saying it wrong, so don't bother going there, because I'll just make the post disappear down a deep dark well. ;) Of course, making fun of the error itself is a little different. I'll give an example to show what I mean.

Niche - and its common meaning in our hobby: a specialized market

So many people say it like "nitch", but they don't realize the word actually comes to us from the French word for "nest", which is pronounced "neesh". Saying it like "nitch" doesn't make sense for how it's spelled, or where it comes from. Unless of course, you look at this picture and say to yourself: "my, that is a delicious looking kitch!"


And just so I don't come across as thinking I am superior [I am far from it!], here's one I am guilty of all the time. It has become a habit, though I do try to catch myself, to respond to "How are you doing?" with "I'm doing good". That's usually what people say, but what they really mean most of the time is "I'm doing well". Saying "I'm doing good " technically means "I'm performing acts of virtue", and while I would hope this is a true statement on behalf of the person speaking it, I don't think it's usually the context they are thinking of when they answer "How are you doing?". I think they usually mean something more like "I feel great", or at least "I'm not experiencing any hardships that I can't handle", and "I'm doing well," is technically the right way to express that.

I'm sure I will post more of these as I think of them. I'm open to hearing yours as well. All in a light hearted spirit please!
At work I do this on purpose every chance I get:

wala > voila
irregardless > regardless
chicken hammer > chipping hammer

bueno nalga > bueno noches
sopa de culo > callos de sopa

we’ll burn that bridge when we get there > we’ll cross that bridge when we get there
irregardless > regardless

The fact that you know it's wrong gives me some hope for the world. ;)

Gifted as a verb always bothers me. Looked it up and it’s proper. Still sounds weird.

Interesting point. It never bothered me before, but I see what you mean.
I remember a few years ago, when I was still using Google, and allowed it to auto-fill search suggestions based on searches frequently done by others, this came up in one of the search suggestions: "Lack toast and tolerant". I'm just going to leave this one here without further comment.
I hate the new words "meh" and when "gifted" is used as a verb. I really hate when adults say "veggies" and "yummy". The phrase "I could care less" means you do care. I also hate unnecessary apostrophes, like when the writer is making a noun plural.
I'm guilty of "meh" sometimes. And "veggies". "Yummy", not so much, but I'm sure I've done it on occasion, but definitely not as a rule. But the "could care less" and "apostrophe pluralization" are definite forehead slappers. But I have even been guilty of the latter - not for any reason other than typos, though.

Speaking of typos, I can't tell you how often I have to change "DAvid" to "David". Feels like every email I ever send haha
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Here's another one that makes me shake my head: loose > lose.

And another: it amazes me how many folks act like there is an extra U in nuclear. Nu - clear. I only see one.
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Interesting question ... I have a long list of words like this, David, but then I always think I'm wrong, because I pronounce them in German or French in my head, my 1st and 2nd languages.

And your example of Niche versus "Nitch" is a good one, both pronunciations are actually OK according to Merriam Webster.

Here is one that is a pet peeve for me: when people use dilemma instead of conundrum.
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This new generation that say the same word twice for emphasis.

Ex: “that knife is sharp sharp” :confused:

If you have kids I’m sure you know. If not, a YouTube rabbit hole would tickle your pickle. :D

Thanks David Mary David Mary :)
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