You're saying that wrong...

I guess I sort of am playing grammar police over here. It's just a bit of fun, and that's all its meant to be.
I guess I sort of am playing grammar police over here. It's just a bit of fun, and that's all its meant to be.

I totally get it! I was not being critical at all. I prefaced my thoughts with "I understand the purpose of a thread like this to discuss these issues - and some do require cleaning up, clarification and/or correction."

I was just making the point for some users - not directed at you - that it is probably prudent to be selective when pointing out grammatical, spelling and usage errors, in the forums as a whole - not in this thread! As with so many other things in life - choosing the right things to bring up - as well as things best left unsaid - or in this case, untyped.
here in the deep south i say lots wrong. grade school system here werent the best, especially in my era of schoolin. i say the niche word wrong...also many words.....I use the words incorrectly. as an example......I use scratching to say something is itching.....I reverse them. so i have a scratch and im gonna itch it......drives my wife crazy. i know its wrong, it just comes out my mouth before I can stop it.

also I'm real bad with double negatives. so "not gonna do nothing" an example. use them all the time, also drives my wife crazy. she runs round correcting me all the time. she's from the deeper south then me, but paid better attention in school. I guess.....
I just noticed and read through this thread. I see "gifted" mentioned but not some other noun/verb conversions like "party/partying" and "fellowship/fellowshipping." Another that I see more and more of, sometimes by learned individuals who should know better, is "anyways" instead of "anyway". This one is common enough in spoken usage that it may be considered proper now.
Did we talk about “myself “? People talk about themselves by saying myself improperly. Like my wife and myself will be bla bla bla.
The owner of a company I worked for in the 90's was a master of mixed metaphors. He was known for bringing several employees along to trade shows and, when only he and i attended one he was asked about it.
He answered, "Oh, me and GronK are traveling light in the loafers!"
Ax instead of ask

sometimes neighborhood vernacular is cause for changing pronunciation and usage. Always fascinated though when the English teachers corrected, swimming against the tide of language alive. Language, THE great leap, Lao Tsu saw, humans naming everything, but missing our identity in the naming. All brothers and sisters in the same image.
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Were it my desire to impress another with my grammatical alacrity, I feel reasonably certain that I would rather easily achieve such. That being said, I spend a sizeable portion of my time around others who are somewhat less cultured, them'd be rednecks, by the ways, and my normal speech is somewhat more colloquial. Comprende', amigos? Idunno, I ain't never been much fer showin off, even tho I'm purty good at it. It ain't about how people talk anyways, I aint lissenin..

What really annoys me is how horribly poorly the vast majority of people in this country seem to be able to spel.....