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Zero Knives Kaveh Minor, Dustin Turpin Insight, Ferrum Forge/Toxic Blades Kylin

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Apr 9, 2016
If you have any questions about what's listed, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out. For more details, specs, or pictures, ask and ye shall receive. You can reach me through private message or through my email: kenleung1995 at hotmail dot com. I also check my threads fairly often so I'll see your posts. I can work with you on the price for some of these and I'm open to trades. Prices include all shipping and PayPal fees in the US. I'll be happy to ship international but the buyer will need to assume all risks and help cover the cost of shipping. Thanks for your time.

For trades, I'm looking for: Jon Grahams, Ochs Worx, Yunas, Marlowes, Direwares, GTCs, TuffKnives, Sharknivcos, RJ Martins, Rocksteads, Dalibors, Broadwells, Black Snow Customs, Phantom Steelworks, Jim Burkes, Blackwoods, VanderMeulens, Goodwyns, Rogovets, Jason Clarks, Grimsmos, Brown Knives Servo, Jason Guthries, ZT 0454, CKF Terra, and maybe a custom Emerson or just Striders in general but if you have other offers, I'm happy to hear them. Cash can be added either way.

1. Ram Maramba/Zero Knives Kaveh Minor - like new - $850
Slim easy to carry 3.5" Persian style blade
Working finish frame with a rock pattern at the pivot that fades away as it moves back
Very deep carry clip
Sculpted black G-10 backspacer
Smooth action, lockup is rock solid,and centering is dead on
This one hasn't seen any use so it hasn't had a chance to break in
There is lock stick right now but it has been starting to go away




2. Dustin Turpin Insight - near mint - $515 --> Sold
Hand rubbed satin 3.5" blade
Distressed ti bolsters and clip
Brown micarta scales
Carbon fiber backspacer
Has been lightly used so there are some faint scratches on the blade
Centering favors the presentation side but doesn't rub even when you put pressure on the other side
Lockup is solid with no play and the action is glass smooth, opens and closed effortlessly




3. Ferrum Forge/Toxic Blades Kylin - near mint - $675 --> Sold
Number 07 from a limited run of 25
One of the smaller knives from Ferrum Forge, with a blade coming in at just slightly under 3"
Blasted blade with a random pattern blasted into it
Handle has a sort of shipwrecked finish to it and a milled scale pattern on the front
Teal anodized ti that's been satin finished to show off the gold underneath
The blade looks to be centered but the grind at the tip is slightly asymmetrical
Feels great in hand, locks up with zero play, and has a nice fast action



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