ZT We love you. Bring on the Galyean Pro Series ZT's!! Someday soon!

Mar 30, 2012
Hope I don't get slapped for this thread! Kershaw is lucky and smart for hiring you Tim. This is a love letter to your custom work. I just purchased a Pro Series Small Lahar. My dear. That grind is the best I've seen. It flips perfect. Like a rocket with the best detent I've had. Best detent closing Ive ever heard or used. Genius flat detent hole machining. What perfect lock up! If you guys were able to recreate this in the years to come as a production. It would stand tall with all of the rest $190 and up. I'd easily pay $250-350 or more for one. Just perfection Tim. Kershaw and Zero Tolerance I'm certain with Tim's careful eye would knock it out if the park. Thanks for reading. If at all anyone....

Imagine....hopefully you see what I do guys. Thanks again.
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I'm a big fan of Tim's work, unfortunately I wasn't able to meet him at blade show this year...I would also like to see one of Tim's designs in ZT's line up. With the recent discontinuation of the 0700 I don't believe any of his designs are currently produced (in ZT's line up that is)
Aw yeah, a freakin' ZT Junkyard Dog design would be eckstrasecks for serious. I'd buy one.
Couldn't agree more about the Pro Series Lahar my friend, mine was possibly the most perfectly ground and put together knife I've ever touched- way underrated in the knife community!

The few ZT knives that I have had have been really nice, well made, with attention to detail, and without the usual production knife flaws, I'd have no prob paying mid tech prices for a ZT line of Galayean knives. Lets hope we see some one day soon.
the jyd Blem i have is pretty similar to zt liner locks in construction. so they would need to differentiate it a bit from that but otherwise it seems like a knife i would buy.
Minus the "Bat" clip I'm in for two.:p

I'll see your two and raise you one!!! Seriously, if they made a ZT JYD with the deep carry clip, or even just a "normal" clip I'd been in for several. One of these days I'll have to hunt down a Pro Series JYD but ZT would save me the trouble of going secondary market if they brought this awesome design to fruition with the level of detail and materials that the design is due!
pretty happy with my signature series Rake - not sure what could be done with the pattern to make it "better".
I'd love to see a mid-sized Ti framelock JYD with all the aircraft markings built like a ZT with KVT and a FFG blade.