Had mine since Blade Show 2011:D Doesn't Everyone?
No to my knowledge they are definately still being produced. Last I heard in another thread Jim said that as of late July/early this month that they started machining the carbon fiber handles and wire edming the blades. Said it is the blades take the longest so its still taking some time. Seems pointless to cancel the project when they are this invested into it. I hope this helped to clarify things a little. Maybe Jim will give another update at some point. Either way I'm willing to hold out however long it takes even if it means I have to wait until Christmas. Boy that would be one heck of a present. :) sorry for rambling.
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This is good to hear. I'm still really looking forward to this release. I've got to get my hands on one of these.
I forgot to mention that they purchased a new machining center per Jim's words to aide in the completion of the 777 and other future high end/collaboration offerings;). Perhaps this means that based on what has occured with the delayed release of the 777 that they have no desire to repeat this with their other future projects. A silver lining if you will.

And I agree I can't wait until I finally get mine in my hands. I was fortunate to preorder early enough to guarantee mine. Hopefully that's the case with the 888 too.
Guys - As I have said before, we are working on these knives, they are real, and they are a priority. We have been maching handles, and we will be machining lockbars this coming week. We continue to cut out blade blanks. I can;t give you a firm timeline as to who will receive their knives at what time or in what order, but they are coming. I am looking forward to these as well! :)

- Jim
Hi Jimmer -

I am going to be out in Tualatin in two weeks - I am riding my motorcycle out there from Illinois just to see the Kershaw factory.

Who can I contact to be allowed to meet you and or Thomas while I am there?

My email is

thanks and best regards -

I saw an early 2013 date from one dealer, so anything sooner than that and I'll be pleasantly surprised:thumbup:.
Since the announcement and pictures of the 0600 my mind has been on little else, but I think that I preordered early enough to get my hands on the 0777. I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed as I was drawn to the design upon its initial announcement.

Hey Thomas or Jimmer, I'm just curious if there is any way to use the lockbar cut on the bias on a sub framelock knife? That is still one of my favorite recent innovations. Actually, any plan to use that style of lockbar stop on any designs up the line?
Here's an extremely :D important question: Will the 0777, 0600, 0560cbcf, or 0888 be coming with zippered pouches? That would be cool. :p
Jim thank you for the update. It is greatly appreciated as always. And I was curious about what they will come with as well Heiheit.
How much does the 0777 run? I wish I had gotten on a list but money was tight back then, I found some more recently but doesn't mean I can afford one still. Anything worth while is worth waiting for.
$480 all said and done but you are probably SOL this late in the game unless you want to pay $600 msrp or do some kind of shady wheeling and dealing :)

Had mine since Blade Show 2011:D Doesn't Everyone?

I have pictures of it from 2011..and sadly they're starting to fade, along with my interest. I'm sure as soon as I hear a definitive date on the release, it'll be like seeing an old gf that you couldn't quite get over
Nope, I've not lost a bit of interest or enthusiasm for the 0777. Spent a little bit of time flipping one open and closed at Blade. I'm now kicking myself for not shooting it too, what was I thinking? :sorrow:
$480 all said and done but you are probably SOL this late in the game unless you want to pay $600 msrp or do some kind of shady wheeling and dealing :)

Perhaps Ill become successful over night and have some money to burn, until that happens, I look forward to all of the pics. Or I might try the shady thing too.
Oh ye of little faith :)

Here are a few pics of the parts in process.

0777 Blade blank - Here you can see the precision cut DT Herringbone Damascus and Vanax 35 blanks. These two are on their way to the altar to be married happily ever after by the power vested in copper brazing:

By the way, I don't have a weird short pinky finger - that's just perspective working against me in the pic. Not that there's anything wrong with having a short pinky finger.....


This is what we lovingly refer to as a box full of money (because the raw materials are so expensive): A tray with 90 blades, waiting patiently to head out for heat treat this morning.


Here we have a finished production 0777 handle, sitting on top of it's primitive ancestors - kinda like Neanderthals vs. Homo Sapiens:


Finally, we get a tray of finished handles - the CNC mill is cranking and they are piling up. This picture is just the top layer of the tray.


Next on the agenda are lockbars, backspacers, and pocket clips......